This Man Said Paris Is an Overrated Tourist Trap — Here's Why

This social media user said his trip to Paris was giving "post-apocalyptic" and dubbed the city an overrated tourist trap — here's why!

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Jul. 21 2023, Published 1:40 p.m. ET

Paris, France, is widely known across the world as the “City of Love.” However, this TikToker has another name for the European city: the ghetto.

In fact, Malfoy (@malfoy_drayco) may have just uncovered one of the best-kept traveling secrets in a video with more than 35 million views on TikTok as of this writing.

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According to him, Paris is one of the most overrated tourist destinations in the world. But why does he feel this way, you ask?

Keep reading to find out.

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This man says Paris, France, is an overrated tourist trap — and the internet is inclined to agree.

Millions of tourists travel to Paris every year. Although taking a flight overseas to visit the city is a dream for many, Malfoy suggests that you take the city off your bucket list expeditiously.

“Y'all save all your money all y'all lives to come here,” he started in the now-viral video. “Hm. Let me read one to break your bubble.”

“First of all, Paris stink. It smell like p---, cheese, and armpits,” he went on.

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The clip offered a glimpse at the day-to-day lives of Parisians, which isn’t as glamorous as you may have expected to be.

Malfoy added: “And ain't nothing to do but eat at cafés, you will see a café on every corner. There's no activities here and the food is so mid.”

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Plus, the TikTok user shared that the streets of Paris are “grimy as hell.” He warned that tourists should expect a “post-apocalyptic” vibe throughout the city.

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“It was graffiti, the buildings weren't inviting. They weren't welcoming. It was actually a [horrible] sight to see like, this was shocking to me,” the TikToker said. “They will never show you that this is what Paris really looks like.”

Though, what was most disappointing about his time in Paris was seeing the Eiffel Tower. The video shows the walkway to the monument, which is actually just a dirt road.

“Outside of this tower, ain't s--- to do,” he added. “There's no mime culture. They don't know how to capitalize off their culture.”

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“Paris was definitely giving Ratatouille because that’s all I saw walking through the streets,” he wrote in the caption.

Since the video gained popularity on social media, many users took to the comment section to echo the TikToker’s sentiments.

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“Might as well go to NYC and call it a day LOL. When I was in my 20s I wanted to do culinary school there,” @clairvoyantbae wrote.

Overall, the general consensus was, we need more travel reviews from Malfoy on the double.

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“Ima need you to travel to all the places and give reviews. I trust you,” a TikTok user named Lauren wrote alongside a laughing emoji. “I was not impressed by Paris.”

@Hotmess_jenn chimed in: “I need this to be a travel series where you go to cities we think we need to go to and you get them right together. I’d watch this.”

Somebody give this man a show on the Travel Channel as soon as possible!

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