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'Normal People' Star Paul Mescal Is Likely Single, but That May Not Last Long


Apr. 30 2020, Updated 12:51 p.m. ET

Paul Mescal is not famous, at least not yet. If the critical success of Hulu’s Normal People is any indication, though, Paul is about to become a very big deal. As more people learn the actor’s name and see his breathtaking performance on the show, they may wonder whether he is committed to anyone in his personal life. 

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Who is Paul Mescal dating?

Right now, it seems like Paul isn’t dating anyone. Because he’s not yet a well-known name, there’s been very little reporting on his relationship status. His Instagram is pretty active, though, and on that page, we rarely see anyone in the photos with the Irish actor. It’s possible, of course, that Paul is just a private person, but if he has a significant other, he hasn’t shared them with the public. 

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In recent days, Paul’s page has largely been focused on promoting Normal People. The show just hit Hulu yesterday, but it had extensive buzz ahead of its premiere, in part because it’s an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s hit book of the same name. Now, Paul is set to emerge as a new international phenomenon. 

What is ‘Normal People’ about?

The name Normal People doesn’t offer a lot of clues as to what the show is about, but it probably doesn’t need to. The show follows two Irish teenagers who have an intimate relationship with one another in high school and continue to stay connected with one another throughout their college years. It’s a portrait of longing and yearning, and it’s sexier than most teen shows allow themselves to be. 

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Paul plays the show’s male lead, and Daisy Edgar-Jones plays his female counterpart. As they’ve promoted the show, the pair has been candid about what it was like to make it. In an interview with People, they discussed filming those intimate, occasionally revealing sex scenes. 

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How Paul and Daisy filmed ‘Normal People’s most intimate moments.

“They became a positive thing, we always felt very very safe in the environment, and I think they come across really nicely,” Daisy said of the sex scenes on the show. “What was wonderful is that they never felt for the sake of it, they never felt like they were coming out of nowhere just to have a sex scene, which sometimes is the case. They were always very important for a particular story beat or narrative that we were furthering.”

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“I felt totally empowered and safe throughout the whole process, and I think that is the key to getting sex scenes right onscreen,” Paul said. “Because ultimately if me and Daisy felt insecure, and don’t get me wrong, they are difficult things to film, there’s an unnatural elements to them, but ultimately, when the process makes you feel safe and creative and open, it’s gonna make the sex scenes better, and I think it’s important to represent sex accurately onscreen.”

Normal People has earned rave reviews from critics, and is set to become a phenomenon now that it’s debuted on Hulu. As the show’s success increases, so will the notoriety of its two central actors. 

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