Pinkydoll's Critics Have Questioned Her Ethnicity Before — Here's What We Know

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 10 2024, Published 12:48 p.m. ET

Pinkydoll at the Streamy Award Red Carpet event
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2023 saw the rise of several new viral trends of highly divisive quality. Slang terms like "skibidi" and "Fanum tax" are one thing, but NPC livestreams have also risen in popularity. NPC livestreams involve real people streaming themselves as they react to donations and gifts with repetitive phrases and motions, much like typical NPC behavior in a video game. Though the trend has seen its fair share of controversy, it's become an incredibly lucrative source of content creation.

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In fact, Fedha Sinon aka Pinkydoll has made an enormous profit as one of the most prominent NPC streamers in the business today. She's active on platforms like TikTok and has earned up to $7,000 on a single stream. With more than 1 million followers and a Monday-to-Friday streaming schedule, she has no doubt earned her self-appointed title as the Queen of NPC.

However, many have questioned her ethnicity in the past and have even sparked controversy over it.

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What is Pinkydoll's ethnicity? Debate has sprung up over her skin color in the past.

Interestingly enough, details about Pinkydoll's family history are pretty succinct. We do know that she is a mother to one son and held a few different jobs before her current gig, including work as a stripper and a webcam model. In fact, she only started her career in NPC streaming as recently as 2023.

She has been forthcoming about her ethnicity, however. In a TikTok posted in early January 2024, Pinkydoll revealed that she is "from [the] Congo and Seychelles Islands" in Africa. She even labels herself as a "proud African queen" and explains that her name "Fedha" refers to royalty.

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She continues to make visits to her home country. In an email interview with Vice, Pinkydoll revealed that she started her NPC livestreams after losing her Montreal-based cleaning company. At the time, she had to step away from the business to attend her stepfather's funeral in Seychelles.

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Though there is no official information on Pinkydoll's ethnicity, the question has sparked some debate in the past. During her onstage appearance at the 2023 Streamy Awards, people began criticizing her for having a perceived "lighter" skin tone than how she usually appears in her videos. Many even accused her of "light-skin fishing" in which a person with darker skin actively tries to make themselves look lighter in response to societal stigma.

She has since made some passing responses to the criticisms. In a brief interview with TMZ, she reportedly told the outlet that she's "proud" to be Black and hasn't made an active attempt to change her skin tone. Many fans came to her defense amid the controversy.

Though her official ethnicity remains unclear, Pinkydoll has tried to clear the air about her skin tone in response to her critics.

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