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Source: instagram

This Is Why All Three of the Greatest of All Time 'Jeopardy!' Champions Wore Purple Ribbons


Jeopardy! fans know that Alex Trebek has been through quite a lot in the past year. The beloved host has managed to continue his duties despite his stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis. And throughout that time, contestants have been honoring him and his career with Jeopardy!, with the Greatest of All Time championship being no exception. Here's how all three contestants are using purple ribbons in support of the host.

Jeopardy! fans noted that the Greatest of All Time champs are sporting purple ribbons.

When the Greatest of All Time championship aired on Jeopardy!, fans noticed that all three of the contenders, Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings, and Jame Holzhauer, were wearing purple ribbons on their lapels. Pure purple is the ribbon color for pancreatic cancer.