Man Receives a Note From a Handsome Bachelor That Results in a Christmas First Date

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Dec. 26 2023, Published 11:29 a.m. ET

While social media has convinced many that everyone already has someone to wear matching pajamas with, finding love isn’t always easy. Honestly, behind most #couplegoals is at least one person in the relationship who kissed a few frogs before they found their person.

Additionally, those who are single know how challenging it can be to connect with someone new, especially around occasions like Christmas.

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However, as almost every holiday movie suggests, one man revealed that you can find love during the holidays. Well, at least the possibility of the thing. After meeting someone in the cutest way ever, the man shared on X, formerly Twitter, how his meet-cute turned into a Christmas first date. Keep reading to see why Lifetime or Hallmark may want to slip into his possible boo’s DMs.

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A man shared his meet-cute with a handsome wordsmith he met at a restaurant days before Christmas.

If you’ve never heard of the term meet-cute, you’ve likely seen it in action. The meet-cute has been around forever and is a staple in nearly every rom-com you can think of, from classics like When Harry Met Sally and Love Jones to the 2022 rom-com named after the meet-cute starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson.

Although the meet-cute isn’t anything new, it’s worth mentioning when it happens to someone in real life. On Dec. 23, 2023, an X user named Yammi (@sighyam) became the main character in his own adorable LGBTQ+ story.

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Yammi, a PR specialist, shared with his followers how he unexpectedly accepted a date with a gentleman who seemingly has brains and beauty. He shared that the connection happened during a Saturday night dinner Yammi attended with some of his clients. As the dinner went on, Yammi spotted the handsome man and admittedly stared at him for “a little too long.” Fortunately for Yammi, the man from across the room didn’t mind him lurking.

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Once Yammi’s crush finished his dinner, he made sure to slip Yammi a note to let him know he was picking up what Yammi was putting down.

“Locking eyes with you from across the room gave me butterflies,” Yammi’s note read. “I hope you don’t mind this note.”

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Yammi and his lover boy agreed to have their first date on Christmas Day.

After seeing Yammi’s note, he received 4.7 million views on his post. Of course, those who saw the viral note wanted to know what was next for Yammi and his dreamboat. The following day, Yammi wasn’t disappointed and wrote an update on where the blossoming relationship was heading.

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On Dec. 24, Yammi posted several screenshots from his conversations with his crush. He shared with the man how he told the internet about their meet-cute and now needed to provide an update since it had been over 24 hours since he shared his original post. The crush obliged, adorably asking Yammi if he wanted him to share how “thrilled” he was that Yammi looked in his direction and that it “made my night.”

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As the conversation continued, Yammi’s future beau further proved he had what the kids call Rizz. After being in awe of how much the post had grown within the last day, Yammi’s crush admitted he felt the same with a text that could’ve easily fit into a rom-com script.

“It’s quite brave to share your profile with the guy who’s crushing on you, though,” the man texted Yammi, adding, “A bravery that eclipses my own nervous note passing.”

After posting screenshots from their texts, Yammi confirmed he and his meet-cute man had scheduled their first date. At least, those obsessed with this story hoped so because Yammi didn’t say if the date was with the man from the restaurant. On Christmas Day, Yammi posted a photo of his dog and said he was opening gifts with his dog before heading out to meet his date.

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Many X users have already shipped Yammi and his crush, and we support it.

Yammi’s two-day meet-cute story on X gave many users hope that there is hope for love outside the nightmare of online dating apps. Even though most people, myself included, meet their person online, and it turns out to be the best thing that happens to them, there is something to be said about seeing someone from across the room and discovering they have the same yearning for you — whether the relationship works out or not.

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In Yammi’s case, many people watching the X user’s posts expressed hope for him and his possible future lover.

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Underneath his posts, he received comments from those who said they were excited for Yammi, with one user telling him, “Your life is the most important thing to me right now.”

Additionally, multiple users asked Yammi to share how the date went, though he has yet to add those details. However, I hope it went great, and we’ll see Yammi and his wordsmith wearing Christmas onesies in 2024!

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