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Sabrina Carpenter's Fans Love to Ship Her With Someone New Whenever They Can



When the long-awaited Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World, hit the Disney Channel, 90s kids rejoiced. But they probably had no idea how lovable the female version of Shawn Hunter would be in the form of Maya, played by Sabrina Carpenter. Now, Sabrina has a full career of her own, which includes singing, dancing, and acting (even though Girl Meets World was canceled after just three seasons).

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Most recently, Sabrina led a cast of other talented young actors in Netflix’s Work It. But because she has never really left the spotlight since turning heads in the Disney Channel series, some fans might be wondering if she’s dating anyone right now. Sabrina is pretty transparent on social media and in interviews about her private life and, naturally, fans are likely curious.

Source: Instagram
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Who is Sabrina Carpenter's boyfriend now?

Although you might ship her with one of her Work It co-stars directly after seeing the Netflix movie, it looks like Sabrina is currently flying solo. That’s not to say she is totally single, but at the moment, it looks like she isn't dating anyone, at least not seriously or publicly. Her most recent rumored relationship was with fellow actor Griffin Gluck, who has been in American Vandal, Private Practice, Red Band Society, and Locke & Key.

And although Sabrina and Griffin once posted about each other heavily on social media, in recent weeks whatever they had between them seems to have gone cold. Neither has made an official statement on their possible relationship, but according to fan comments on posts of the couple at award shows or other events, if they were together, they broke up. And since potentially dating Griffin, it looks like Sabrina has remained single.

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Sabrina Carpenter has been linked to a handful of other stars.

Over the past several years, Sabrina has either dated or has been rumored to be dating other Disney Channel darlings. Fans rooted hard for her and Girl Meets World co-star Corey Fogelmanis when they starred on the series together. But, Sabrina wrote in a 2018 Instagram post wishing him a happy birthday, she was honored to know, but "not date" him.

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She did once date Good Luck Charlie star Bradley Steven Perry back in 2014, when they were basically babies. But not really, because they were teenagers, but still. It was well before Sabrina came into her own as a singer and someone who would eventually move on from the Disney Channel. Sabrina was also rumored to be dating Riverdale star Casey Cott when he was cast in her music video for her single "Why," but the rumors were just that.

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But she spends a lot of time with BFF Joey King these days.

It could be that Sabrina just doesn't have time for a new boyfriend at the moment. And with a rising career in the music and film industries, can you really blame her for buckling down on her career options? She also seems to spend a lot of time with Kissing Booth star Joey King, who may or may not be her best friend.

Sabrina and Joey have posted several photos of and with each other on social media over the years and their friendship is basically goals. Even if Sabrina isn't dating anyone right now, however, it probably won't stop fans from shipping her with whoever her next co-star is.

Work It is now streaming on Netflix.

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