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Fans Call for Sebastian Stan's Cancellation Over a Photo of His Girlfriend


Jul. 14 2020, Published 6:38 p.m. ET

We've all heard the phrase that nothing dies if it's been on the internet and that's been proven true in recent months. As more people get called out for past actions on social media, it's a reminder that we need to be careful of what we say and share. And preferably be an aware enough person to know what's going to be seen as offensive, or a cancellation may be in their future. The latest callout? Fans and critics are saying Sebastian Stan deserves to be canceled over resurfaced photos of his girlfriend. 

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First, a little background on Sebastian.

Sebastian Stan is best known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He plays Bucky Barnes, a World War II vet who is also Steve Rogers's best friend, and he got in the middle of a feud between Captain America and Iron Man. He was also on Gossip Girls in the recurring role of Carter Baizen. 

Personally, he seems like a very charismatic person who has been linked to several well-known women. He dated Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester for a few years but has been said to be dating Spanish actor Alejandra Onieva now.

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While neither have confirmed that they're dating, the relationship is linked enough that people feel comfortable calling Sebastian out and starting a hashtag calling for his cancellation based on something Alejandra did in the past. 

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Why is Sebastian Stan canceled?

The controversy appears to have started on Twitter when user angelas550 shared a screenshot of a photo of Alejandra who is dressed in what looks like a Japanese Geisha outfit, alongside a friend who is dressed in a similar way. The caption that accompanied the photo, according to the screenshot, was "Asian night." 

sebastian stan girlfriend racist
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"What the F**K is an "asian night" ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? THIS IS NASTY. #SebastianStan," @angelas550 wrote. In a follow up tweet, they wrote, "For context, this is Sebastian's PR girlfriend, dressing as a japanese geisha which [is] EXTREMELY disrespectful and racist. not okay. this post is also on her profile and captioned 'two japanese's' and hashtagged 'geishas.'" 

Fans then started to tweet the photo and their concerns to Sebastian Stan, and the call for him to be canceled is a result of him allegedly ignoring and blocking the concerns. 

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It didn't take long for a hashtag, #sebastianstanisoverparty, to start trending on Twitter.

"So much for being unproblematic. Don't forget the fans supported you when you were in shitty movies and spoke out for you for better treatment. I didn't forget," a Twitter user wrote, adding, "I'm disappointed #sebastianstanisoverparty." 

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"#sebastianstanisoverparty imagine blocking ur fans for calling out ur racist ass gf," another said.

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Still, there are others who think that it's not right to drag Sebastian into the situation.

"So fans stalk Alejandra, find a picture that was posted by her friend on HER account from 2yrs ago in Asian garb with 0 backstory, flood Seb Stan with disgusting DMs then get mad when they’re blocked and start #sebastianstanisoverparty," one person tweeted. 

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So far, neither Sebastian nor Alejandra have issued a statement addressing the photo or the trending hashtag. 

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