"This Is a Documentary About Sisterhood" — Sisters Go Viral for Chaotic Bang-Cutting Video

In a now-viral video, two sisters band together to fix their younger sister's bad haircut. Read on to find out how this "coming-of-age" movie ends.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Sep. 18 2023, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

Although cutting your own bangs is a canon event, it's best to avoid doing this at all costs. As tempting as it can be, leave it to the professional hairstylists — they know exactly what they're doing, and you don't (yeah, we've seen the videos of everyone on social media cutting their hair too short with a pair of dull scissors).

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Unfortunately, some people think they have what it takes to cut their own bangs — and they learn the hard way that it's not as easy as it seems. In a recent TikTok video from user @palmview956oficial, a young girl, Valentina, reveals that her younger sister, Camelia, cut her bangs... again.

Keep scrolling to find out how this "coming-of-age" movie wraps up its chaotic story!

TikToker @loveroflifexo commented, "a cinematic masterpiece."
Source: TikTok / @loveroflifexo
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Three sisters go viral for cutting their own bangs in a TikTok video.

The nearly six-minute video starts with Valentina participating in the "Get Unready With Me." However, it's cut short once one of her little sisters, Camelia, runs in and asks for scissors. A few seconds later, a scream is heard; Valentina's two younger sisters run into her room and viewers quickly learn that Khaleesi cut Camelia's hair.

The two young girls start arguing loudly, and Valentina tells them to be quiet. Their mom asks if everything's OK, and the three girls assure her that there's nothing to worry about. After she leaves, Khaleesi closes the door and Valentina gets to work on salvaging Camelia's bangs.

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"Tomorrow's picture day!" Camelia cries before Khaleesi hands her the cut piece of hair. Valentina scolds them before grabbing her phone and searching "how to cut bangs." Amid the chaos, the youngest daughter barges into Valentina's room and says, "Oh, you're in trouble!" Luckily, Valentina buys her youngest sister's silence with a cookie.

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In the end, Valentia successfully fixes Camelia's hair and cuts some great bangs! Their mom returns shortly after and demands to know what's going on. All three sisters giggle and insist that nothing happened, but they eventually give in and show off Camelia's new haircut.

They try to blame it on one another, but their mom doesn't care. She tells Cameila to show her dad her hair, to which Valentina turns toward the camera and says, "Pray for them." The eventful video ends there, leaving audiences with a massive cliffhanger. Well, let's hope we get an update soon!

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Valentina's video is being compared to a coming-of-age film.

The video, which was posted on Sept. 14, has been viewed more than 2.4 million times and counting on TikTok. It went viral after X (formerly known as Twitter) user @kingbealestreet posted the hilarious video alongside the caption, "This is literally a coming of age movie." The tweet has amassed over 142 million views.

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Many called the video "cinema," while others agreed that the girls in the video (and the video itself) deserve to sweep the upcoming awards season. We don't know about you, but we believe Valentina will win every "Best Actress" award, including the coveted Academy Award.

Speaking of the Academy Award for Best Actress, the 2002 winner — Halle Berry — retweeted the video and revealed that she was "invested [from] start to finish." American actress Jennifer Esposito agreed, writing, "This is the best thing I've ever seen."

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"This needs to win an award," one TikTok user said in the video's comment section. "It had comedy, action, drama, and suspense." OK, someone needs to submit this for "Best Live Action Short Film" ASAP!

Another user described it as "little women (Latina's version)," while a third person added, "This is something only Greta Gerwig would be able to replicate."

OK, someone get this family to Hollywood!

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