So, Is That Xbox Series XXL Video Actually a Snarky Joke or What?


Apr. 24 2020, Updated 2:06 p.m. ET

xbox series x
Source: IGN

Microsoft is introducing its next console, the Xbox Series X, later this year in 2020. It's going to bring plenty of processing power with it, but it also kind of looks like a refrigerator. People have roasted the system mercilessly for its looks, but there's no doubt it will usher in a new era of gaming. Still, it's fun to make fun of. But what's up with a new video you may have seen touting something called the Xbox Series XXL? Is there an even bigger version of the Xbox Series X coming?

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The video is a quick look at what appears to be an absolute unit of a console, all set to the same slick presentation you'd expect from an official Microsoft video. But instead of the smaller size factor of an Xbox Series X like you're probably expecting, it shows off absolutely huge components. The whole thing looks like it could swallow about a dozen of the upcoming consoles. So what's that about anyway? Did you just miss an announcement or something? We've got the scoop on what it actually is.

xbox series xxl k parody trailer   screenshot
Source: IGN
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Can you actually buy the Xbox Series XXL?

The short answer is no. Of course, there are some interesting things about this hypothetical system that would be fun to think about owning. But just judging from the tone of the video alone, it's clear that it isn't exactly a real product that will be headed to store shelves later this year. The video itself may seem professional, but some of the text overlaid on the screen like "just a sh--load of ports" and "a big-a-- power button" are pretty ridiculous. Microsoft wouldn't use that language. 

Plus, the title of the clip really gives it away: "Xbox Series XXL - 8K Parody Trailer." Yes, it's just a joke, people. But that's not to say it's not a clever one. The quality of the video makes it difficult to discern whether it's a joke based on how great everything looks, and if you're only casually paying attention, you might not notice the text and read it. That's probably how IGN has fooled so many folks into thinking it's real.

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So the next time you see this clip making the rounds and your friends think it's a real system coming out alongside the Xbox Series X, be sure to do a quick "fake news" fact check. No, there isn't an Xbox Series XXL coming out (at least no one's had that bright idea yet) and this is just a fun joke created by gaming publication IGN. But it is a funny thing to joke about while we're all spending time at home due to the quarantine, after all, right?

To that end, there's only a few more months left until we finally hear more about the Xbox Series X. Here's hoping Microsoft sends more information our way in that regard soon, because it's about time we see what it can really do. 

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