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Does Fitness Model Sommer Ray Have a New Boyfriend?



When you're in the public eye, it's inevitable that paparazzi or fans will snag a picture of you when you're least expecting it. Fitness model and YouTuber Sommer Ray is known for her large social media following, and in February she was caught engaging in some PDA with rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Colson Baker). 

But, it seems like the two have fizzled out and Sommer has moved on. Who is Sommer Ray's boyfriend? Read on to find out more about the influencer, and her present and past dating life!

Who is Sommer Ray?

Before accruing an Instagram following of more than 24 million, Sommer got her internet fame started on the now-defunct app Vine. The 23-year-old Colorado native is known for her fitness / workout videos. As for how she makes her money, Sommer features sponsored Instagram posts on her page, and she also has a line of merchandise that is available for sale. 

Sommer's mom, Shannon Ray, is also an Instagram influencer, and she has more than 750,000 followers.

Source: Instagram

She has three siblings as well: Savana, Skylyn, and Bronson.

In 2017, Sommer became one of the members of the Clout Gang, a collective of influencers that was created by Ricky Banks in response to Jake Paul's Team 10. 

Alissa Violet and RiceGum were just two of the other well-known members of Clout Gang. It's unclear whether or not the collective still exists, since there are no social media accounts for it.

Who is Sommer Ray's boyfriend?

YouTuber Brandon Awadis posted a new video to his channel in September titled "Dating Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!" The video showed Brandon and the fitness model playing games, doing yoga, and even meeting the influencer's mom. So, are the two really a couple? In an old video, Brandon revealed that Sommer is his celeb crush.  

Though the pair definitely seem like a cute couple, it's safe to say they are just friends. 

Prior to going on a "date" with Brandon, Sommer was spotted with rapper MGK.

In February of 2020, TMZ posted a slew of grainy photos and videos that showed the fitness model holding hands with and kissing Machine Gun Kelly. The two were spotted at a concert together, and they were also seen engaging in some PDA at a mall.   

Machine Gun Kelly also fueled the romance rumors when he posted photos from a group trip to the Bahamas. In one snapshot, the two are sitting next to each other in a golf cart. In another, they are hanging out with another friend on the beach. 

Interestingly, they have actually known each other for some time now. They first met in 2017, when they both appeared on MTV's Wild 'N Out. One Twitter user posted a side-by-side photo of MGK and Sommer from the taping of the episode they appeared on together, and a photo of them kissing from the paparazzi.

"Started from this to this," the Twitter user captioned the photo.

Machine Gun Kelly then confirmed the romance by retweeting the side-by-side and writing, "Hard. Even tho 2nd pic is complete invasion of privacy. But hard."

But, it seems the two had a short-lived fling. In a recent TikTok video by fellow influencer Tayler Holder, the social media star seemed to confirm that he is dating Sommer.

"Boo'ed up," he captioned a TikTok video of the duo sending each other snaps. It appears they started officially dating on May 19, 2020. Tayler's most recent videos also feature his new girlfriend. 

As for Sommer's past romantic history, she and her fellow Clout Gang member RiceGum dated. But, they seemed to split in 2018. She also reportedly dated actor Max Ehrich in 2017.   

Fellow Sway House member Bryce Hall only further confirmed the pair were an item. During a TikTok livestream, Bryce answered a question about Sommer and Tayler's relationship, telling viewers, “It looks like they are. They’re definitely feeling all up on each other’s faces and stuff."

He continued, saying they're “definitely, maybe, kissing. I will say they probably have kissed,” but you “shouldn’t take [his] word for it.”

That being said, Bryce also tweeted that he supported a potential relationship between Tayler and Kelianne Stankus, another TikToker Tayler has been rumored to be seeing.

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