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Source: Instagram

Sarah Gray Was Stargirl in 'Legends of Tomorrow'


The Justice League is arguably a better group of superheroes than the Avengers could ever hope to be, and Legends of Tomorrow is the show that brings them all to our screens at once. 

The show, which is set to air its fifth season at the beginning of 2020, has had a series of revolving cast members since the beginning — but with it, we've taken a look at all of the superheroes that make up the Justice League.

One of the lesser-known DC superheroes, who only had a short cameo in the second season of the show, is Stargirl. She's a teenager at the time she comes into her powers and joins the Justice League, which is why she usually only makes short appearances in the DC universe.

And when Legends of Tomorrow came back for season 2, they brought along with them Canadian actress Sarah Grey to play Stargirl.