The Cast of 'Stranger Things' Isn't Getting Younger — Will There Be a Time Jump?

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jun. 8 2022, Published 2:59 p.m. ET

The Hawkins crew in Season 4, Vol. 1 of 'Stranger Things.'
Source: Netflix

When we binged the first seven episodes of Stranger Things 4, we found it difficult to believe that these young stars were supposed to be first-year students in high school.

If we're being honest, we definitely got Grease vibes — most of the actors are much older than their characters (who are supposed to be 15 years old). Ugh, don't even get us started on the older stars; most are in their thirties playing 18-year-olds!

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With this in mind, and the fact that none of the actors are getting any younger, we can't help but wonder if the show will ever include a significant time jump. Luckily, it seems that's in the cards for the fifth and final season.

Keep reading for all the known details, including what the Duffer Brothers have to say about jumping ahead a few years.

Mike, Jonathan, and Will in Season 4, Vol. 1 of 'Stranger Things.'
Source: Netflix
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The Duffer Brothers hinted at a time jump for the final season of 'Stranger Things.'

In a recent interview with TVLine, the Duffer Brothers spoke about their acclaimed project and teased as much as they could about Season 5. Although they haven't set a starting date for shooting quite yet, most of the season is "pretty well mapped out."

When discussing how quickly the show's young leads are growing up, Ross hinted that a time jump would be necessary.

"I’m sure we will do a time jump," Ross told the outlet. Uh, they better do a time jump! These kids grew up in front of our eyes, and truthfully, we don't think the story will be complete without taking a dive into the future (well, the past in our case).

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Fans hope 'Stranger Things 5' takes place in the '90s.

For the past few years, fans of the sci-fi horror series have been begging for a time jump due to the once-young lead actors reaching adult status in their real lives. In the show's subreddit, a Redditor shared how Season 5 could incorporate a time jump.

Eleven relives the past in Season 4, Vol. 1 of 'Stranger Things.'
Source: Netflix
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Following the events of Season 4, the Redditor suggested the setting could jump to 1989, "which would fit with the '80s nostalgia and is a great way to end the series at the final year of the decade. It would make the kids characters 18-ish and in their senior year of high school or first year of college."

The Redditor also suggested the final season could take place in 1993, 10 years since the events of Season 1, writing, "The kids will likely be able to pull off playing 22-year-olds who graduated college, and they're all called home to Hawkins for one last quest to prevent the future and creation of the Upside Down from happening."

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Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie in the Upside Down in Season 4, Vol. 1 of 'Stranger Things.'
Source: Netflix

We are so down for a '90s setting, and thankfully, so are many other fans!

"Let’s say they film Season 5 in a year; the actors would be around 20-21, meaning Stranger Things would be set in the '90s, also meaning we get the '90s aesthetic in the last season to mark the end of an era," one person theorized on Twitter.

Another humorously added, "Stranger Things 5 should be set in the '90s with the characters now in their twenties all living together in the Friends apartment."

Great, now we can't stop picturing Steve Harrington as the new Joey Tribbiani.

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