Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey Say They're "Besties," but Act Otherwise

Megan Uy - Author

Mar. 25 2021, Updated 4:59 p.m. ET

Harry Jowsey and Tana Mongeau
Source: YouTube

Another wild relationship that may be on the horizon is one that involves Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey. Is it weird to think that we're not totally shocked that these two might be an item? The YouTuber and reality star were first seen posting content together on TikTok. This was shocking to many as Harry and Tana's alleged ex-husband Jake Paul haven't been on good terms since adult model Julia Rose left Harry to get back with her ex, who is also Jake Paul. Are you lost yet?

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To get you back on track, Tana and Harry have sparked rumors that they are dating even though they had said they are just very close friends. Tana had posted a video on YouTube with Harry where they discussed how they've connected because of the people they had both been romantically involved with — specifically with Too Hot to Handle's Francesca Farago. In that video, Tana also called Harry her "bestie."

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Even though they might have a lot of drama and unusual history between them, that doesn't mean there's potential for them to be a couple. If you're curious to find out if Tana and Harry have something special going on between them, keep on reading to learn the details about what's up with them.

Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey have posted some interesting TikToks together prompting people to think they're dating.

All the tea usually spills on TikTok these days, right? Well that's pretty much what happened with Tana and Harry! They have recorded some amusing videos on the app together that really gets you asking yourself a bunch of questions. See for yourself! Oh, and it's a weird coincidence that the first time they may have hung out and posted together on the app was shortly after he told paparazzi that Julia had cheated on him with Jake.

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tana mongeau harry jowsey
Source: YouTube

Things seem to be heating up between Tana and Harry recently.

In the last few weeks or so, it looks like Tana and Harry have been hanging out a lot. The both of them have been seen in each other's TikTok videos looking really comfortable. There have even been videos where they're only partially clothed. And knowing these two, that could mean there could be something going on there.

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But then Harry threw his fans off when he posted a steamy TikTok of himself in a bathroom that had people thinking it was Tana's. A user asked in the comments, "Isn't that tanas bathroom?" and he replied with a simple, "Nope." This is very confusing, we know. But maybe their relationship isn't exactly exclusive?! We! Need! Answers!

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And that same day, Harry posted another TikTok, but with Tana where he used a sound that could come off as very misleading. In the sound, a person says, "I think you have a little crush on me." And another person responds with, "Ew, no!" which leads the other to reply, "Yeah, I think you do." The sound is already very flirty and fun, but the way they were acting in it speaks volumes. (At least for us!) They only got racier with their content from there, my friends.

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It's safe to say that there's enough evidence to think that these two aren't just "besties." Best friends definitely don't act the way they've been. Now, we just wait for the traditional confirmation announcement via an Instagram post or YouTube video! You know, the usual!

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