"Didn't Realize How Expensive They Are": Target Customer Says She Can't Find Trash Can Under $60

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 3 2024, Published 12:37 p.m. ET

Not only does adulting not come with a guidebook with FAQs like “Should we be washing curtains?” — but it also doesn’t come with a stipend either. A stipend for the things we have to buy to present the illusion that we’re functional adults (or something like that).

Think vacuum cleaners, silverware and flatware, and cleaning supplies for the shower — the latter of which arguably gets cleaned every time you shower.

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Sometimes buying these products can feel like a hassle because they seem so unnecessary. And sometimes it feels like a hassle because these items are expensive for no good reason.

One woman pointed out a necessary home item that adults have to buy, but it seems a little pricey for what you get. She took to TikTok at Target, a retailer typically known for its trend-forward merchandise at lower costs, to highlight this product's high price tag.

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A woman goes for shopping for a new trash can at Target, and is stunned by how expensive they are.

When you're a child, you don't always think about how much money goes into some of the products in your home. Then you grow up and have to make those purchases yourself, and it can be kind of jarring.

Part of this has to do with inflation, but part of it has to do with the fact some necessary items are just overpriced from the get-go.

A TikTok creator named Taylor recently took to the platform to shed light on the astronomical costs of trash cans at Target. In the video, she is standing in front of a wall of metal trash cans and doesn't seem too pleased.

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"POV: You need a trash can but the cheapest metal trash can at Target is $60," she writes in the copy. It doesn't take too many context clues to figure out that she's not too thrilled with the prices.

"It's literally a container to hold garbage," she wrote in the caption.

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While Taylor is based in Washington, D.C., where the cost of living is 52 percent higher than the national average, high trash-can prices aren't just a D.C. thing. In the comment section of her video, TikTok users from all over chimed in, echoing her sentiment about the surprising cost of trash cans.

"I didn’t realize how expensive trash cans were until I bought a house this year and needed an adult trash can. I was shocked," wrote one person in the comment section.

tiktok comment target expensive trash cans 60 dollars
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Others commented on how it's not just Target stores that are selling trash cans at pretty steep prices. "Even Walmart doesn't have cheap ones," read one comment.

Another user claimed they bought a hamper to put their trash in, likely because it was cheaper than an actual trash can.

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tiktok comment target expensive trash cans 60 dollars
Source: tiktok

One user noted that they saved up for two months for a good one off Amazon for $120 and is now treating it like the prized possession it is. "I'm going to keep this thing forever. I polish it like it's silver."

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tiktok comments trash cans expensive
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Several TikTok users claimed that a trash can was on their Christmas wish list, which I think is the most telling part that we're all adults now. I mean, you know you're an adult when all you want for Christmas is a trash can, right?

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