"Are We Supposed to Be Doing That?" — Man Shocked to Find Out That People Wash Their Curtains

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 6 2023, Published 10:31 p.m. ET

A man is shocked to learn that some people wash their curtains
Source: TikTok/@dalton.smiley

There isn't a guidebook to adulting and even if there was, who would read it? Who has the time? There is so much to do as an adult from having a job to paying the bills and doing all the errands. Not to mention constantly cleaning up after yourself while also going to the doctor and remembering to drink water.

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Most of us are doing the best we can and just trying to check off the big tasks on our never ending to-do list. If we replied to three emails, vacuumed the floor, made dinner, and drank water then we're going to feel pretty accomplished as an adult, thank you very much.

And don't worry, we've already accepted that we'll never be a highly revered public figure. For example, we know we'll never have Martha Stewart's homemaking skills, Gordon Ramsay's culinary prowess, or Steve Jobs's entrepreneurial success. We're just trying to nail down the basics.

That said, one TikTok user recently discovered a unique cleaning habit of someone he knew and was left wondering, "Wait, is this the norm? Are we all supposed to be doing that a home, too? Can an adult just please confirm?"

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Curtains hanging in front of a sliding door in a bedroom
Source: Getty Images

A man is stunned after he learns an acquaintance of his washes his curtains.

“Somebody please tell me why I just got back from somebody’s house and they didn’t have any of their curtains up and they were like ‘don’t mind me just washing the curtains,” says TikTok user (@dalton.smiley) in a video before exclaiming, "What?"

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"I didn’t want to look dumb so I was like, 'Ahaha hate when that happens,' Dalton continues. "Are we supposed to be doing that? How often? Why are we washing them?" he asks the camera feverishly.

"And what other adult thing do I not know because I’m at my max adulting OK. I can’t do anymore," Dalton says as he ends his video.

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In the comments section, users had a wide range of perspectives. Some clearly were part of the curtain washing club. "'Spring cleaning” means dusting everything, even washing walls and ceilings! Everything gets washed," wrote one user, confirming that yes, curtains deserve a good wash.

Another echoed this sentiment, claiming that curtains should be washed every six months. And one user seemed concerned that Dalton would be asking such a obvious question. "No wonder my asthma acts up at other people's homes," they wrote.

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But other folks in the comment section were totally with Dalton about how they never even considered washing curtains to be a thing.

"I thought my house was spotless, now I'm over here feeling like a doggone feral pig," confessed one user.

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A second joked: "That was not a chore in the Sims so I think they’re wrong bestie."

Meanwhile, one person shared their brilliant hack to cleaning their curtains: "Febreeze and move on."

Another said it wasn't worth washing the curtains because realistically it would take them months to put them back up.

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But beyond the curtain comments, the discussion expanded to other wildly unexpected tasks other adults partake in. One commenter claimed that they saw someone once doing "suitcase maintenance," which involved oiling the wheels.

Another user was floored after finding out that some people clean their walls with mops.

Overall, Dalton's video serves as a reminder that adulting is a continuous learning process that's full of surprising and sometimes absurd tasks.

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