Is Telly Hall From 'Vanderpump Villa' Dating Anyone? People Online Are Claiming She's "Not at All a Nice Person"

Telly Hall makes her reality TV debut on 'Vanderpump Villa,' and already people have some thoughts about her and her personality.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Apr. 5 2024, Published 1:22 p.m. ET

Hulu's reality series, Vanderpump Villa, follows TV personality and entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump and her staff as they work and live at her picturesque French countryside estate, Chateau Rosabelle. The property has never been open to guests, but she's decided to do a trial run, hoping to offer visitors a lavish, unparalleled hospitality experience in the South of France.

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While Lisa has meticulously chosen what appears to be a team of top-notch staff, tensions are already simmering among this crew. Already, there has been a physical altercation between two staff members during the dinnertime rush. Mixologist Chauntel "Telly" Hall pushed lead server Marciano Brunette.

Alongside Andre Mitchell, Telly was hired to work the bar. But unlike Andre, she's not a stickler for the rules. When Lisa told Andre and Telly that Chateau Rosabelle employees weren't to ever drink behind the bar, as the staff had their own bar in their separate living quarters, that information went right through one ear and out the other.

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Mixiologists Telly Hall and Andre Mitchell having a drink at the bar
Source: Hulu

And before you knew it, she was taking shots with co-workers Marciano and Hannah Fouch. It seemed like a harmless gesture until the dinnertime rush came, and a slightly inebriated Telly and Marciano went at it.

Fortunately, Telly began taking her job much more seriously after having a heart-to-heart conversation with Lisa. But as romances forge in the house, many wonder if Telly is coupled up. Here's what we know.

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Is 'Vanderpump Villa' star Telly Hall dating anyone?

Telly is a strong, independent woman who doesn't necessarily need to be in a relationship to be happy. That said, she currently appears to be single, and during her time at Chateau Rosabelle, she didn't seem to catch feelings for anyone. Originally from Atlanta, Ga. and raised by a single mom, Telly is known for being opinionated and outspoken, and never hesitates to voice her thoughts.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Alleged former co-worker of 'Vanderpump Villa' star Telly Hall claims she is "not at all a nice person or someone to be trusted."

Telly claims to have 12 years of experience in the service industry but seemingly isn't the most professional staff member once put behind the bar. In a Reddit thread discussing her, users claim she wants to be an actress, not a service industry worker.

"I know 'Telly' from 'Vanderpump Villa' IRL," said one person on Reddit, explaining that they were in the same acting class as her and helped her get a job at the restaurant they were working at, but unfortunately, Telly did not take the job too seriously. But during Telly's first shift, she told her boss she needed to leave early then walked out on the spot.

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"When I confronted her about it in private, she got really defensive. She then spread a bunch of rumors about me to our acting class that made them ostracize me for about half a year. She was also sleeping with the teacher assistant," the OP wrote about Telly.

The OP continued: "I’m glad she found something that she wants to do. She made it very clear she wanted to be an actor for all the wrong reasons so if this is what makes her happy, more power to her. But in my experience, she is not at all a nice person or someone to be trusted, so I’m sure she will make for great reality TV!"

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