A Definitive Guide to the Parents in 'The School for Good and Evil' (SPOILERS)

Sophie and Agatha meet the children of famous fairy tale parents in 'The School for Good and Evil' on Netflix. Who are they related to?

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Oct. 20 2022, Published 10:21 p.m. ET

(L-R) Kerry Washington as Professor Dovey, Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso
Source: Helen Sloan/Netflix

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The School for Good and Evil on Netflix.

Two best friends go to magic school and chaos naturally ensues — welcome to The School for Good and Evil on Netflix. Agatha (Sofia Wylie) and her best friend Sophie (Sophia Ann Caruso) are separated from the get-go, with Agatha being sorted into the good school while Sophie is sent straight to the School of Evil, to her utter detriment.

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Although the central conflict of The School for Good and Evil centers around Agatha and Sophie's quest to reunite at the School for Good, we also meet an interesting array of other students, along with mentions of their parents.

Here's our comprehensive guide to the parents in The School for Good and Evil that we know of, based on the film and the books the movie is based on. Let's start with the parents of the Nevers at the School for Evil!

(L-R) Sophie (Sophia Ann Caruso) and Hort (Earl Cave)
Source: Netflix

Captain Hook's son is quite the creeper.

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Who are the parents of the students attending the School for Evil?

When Sophie is sent to the Nevers side of the school, a creepy classmate tells Sophie, "My father tells me not to talk to readers!" The classmate in question is Hort (Earl Cave), the son of Captain Hook. Hort tries to hit on Sophie by telling her that his dad has a "pretty awesome ship!"

Spoiler alert: Hort's attempt to hit on Sophie falls flat immediately. Sophie also doesn't hit it off that well with her roommates in dormitory 66.

One of Sophie's roomies, Dot (Kaitlyn Akinpelumi), eagerly introduces herself as the daughter of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Sophie insults a photo of an evil hag on one of their dormitory walls and her other roomie, Hester (Freya Parks), says, "That's my mom."

So, Sophie is sharing a bedroom with the daughters of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Wicked Witch! What about Sophie's third roomie? It turns out Anadil is the granddaughter of a witch who met a terrible end (it involves a barrel).

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(L-R) Dot (Kaitlyn Akinpelumi), Hester (Freya Parks), and Anadil (Demi Isaac Oviawe)
Source: Netflix

Sophie's evil roomies.

Who are the parents for the students attending the School for Good?

Meanwhile, it's all flowers and passive-aggressive attitudes over at the School for Good. Naturally, Tedros (Jamie Flatters), the son of King Arthur, is quite popular with all the ladies on both sides of the evil and good aisle.

Another student we loved learning about at the School for Good was Beatrix (Holly Sturton). Beatrix was the daughter of the clever woman who managed to outsmart Rumpelstiltskin.

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Another one of Agatha's fellow good classmates is Millicent (Rosie Graham), the great-granddaughter of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Robert. Millicent is that kind of girl who'll act nice to your face and talk smack about you behind your back.

Agatha also meets Gregor (Ally Cubb), the son of Prince Charming. Gregor bonds with Agatha over their desire to be anywhere but the school. He actually wants to run his own grocery store, without meat, because he can't stand the sight of blood.

Gregor (Ally Cubb)
Source: Netflix

Prince Charming's son is actually pretty down to Earth.

Agatha quickly learns that most of her fellow Evers aren't actually that good. Reena (Briony Scarlett) and Kiko (Emma Lau) are the daughters of the Sultan of Shazabah and a Lost Boy, respectively, and they're always quick to treat Agatha with passive-aggressive disdain.

Will we meet more students of famous fairy tale characters in a sequel of The School for Good and Evil? We'll just have to wait and see!

You can stream The School for Good and Evil now on Netflix.

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