Will There Be a Sequel to Netflix's 'The School for Good and Evil'? The Fantastical Saga Isn't Over

Future fairytale heroes and villains attend a fantastical school in Netflix's 'The School for Good and Evil.' Will the saga continue in a sequel?

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Oct. 19 2022, Published 12:28 p.m. ET

'The School for Good and Evil'
Source: Netflix

What if the esteemed heroes and ghastly villains of fables like Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were real? In Paul Fieg's Netflix film The School for Good and Evil, not only are these mystical characters real, but they were trained to take on the roles of good and evil.

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"Best friends Sophie and Agatha find their bond put to the test when they're whisked away to a magical school for future fairytale heroes and villains," the Netflix synopsis reads. More specifically, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) — an optimist who refuses to settle for an ordinary life — and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) — her gloomy, more cynical best friend — are forcibly enrolled in opposite schools.

While Sophie is put in the School for Evil, which sees the bitingly critical and intimidatingly beautiful Lady Lesso (Charlize Theron) as its head, Agatha is put in the School for Good, which is run by the kind-hearted Professor Dovey (Kerry Washington). Something isn't quite right, and little do the girls know, great danger is afoot. The film is based on the New York Times bestselling YA fantasy book series by Soman Chainani.

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'School for Good and Evil'
Source: Netflix

Considering The School for Good and Evil boasts an utterly sad Rotten Tomatoes score of 33 percent as of this writing— The Guardian even calling it a "Harry Potter rip-off" — you may be wondering, will it get a sequel?

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Will there be a sequel to Netflix's 'The School for Good and Evil'?

Written from 2013 to 2020, there are a total of six books in Soman Chainani's series. The book series is split into two trilogies: The School Years and The Camelot Years. According to Newsweek, the Netflix film correlates to the 2013 novel of the same name.

All in all, there's room for The School for Good and Evil to spawn a handful of sequels, much like J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series did.

And regarding Rotten Tomatoes, we should point out that the film's audience score is an impressive 85 percent. This could indicate that the people have spoken! But, we know how streaming service films work; viewership is uber-important.

Since the film was just released on Oct. 19, 2022, we'll have to wait and see how it performs (though Netflix is often tight-lipped about viewership data).

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Source: YouTube/Netflix

A hefty indicator that The School for Good and Evil will birth a sequel pertains to its closing line. Without spoiling anything, the narrator (Cate Blanchett!) implies that the tale will continue, saying "... it became clear that this was only the beginning."

Agatha may be in trouble, folks.

The second book in the series, A World Without Princes, follows the two protagonists as they attempt to live out their Happily Ever After in their hometown of Gavaldon. It isn't long before the girls return to the fantastical school, only to find that it's drastically different than how they left it. We can only assume that a second film will follow this storyline.

The School for Good and Evil is currently streaming on Netlfix.

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