Tom From Season 5 of 'The Circle' Says He Used to Live in the Tower of London

Tom from 'The Circle' has a title in England, but what is it and does the Season 5 contestant have a connection to the British royal family?

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Dec. 28 2022, Published 3:00 a.m. ET

Tom from 'The Circle'
Source: Netflix

It's one thing to be a catfish on Netflix's hit show The Circle and try to fool the other players. But it's an entirely different thing for a cast member to lie to viewers. So what's up with Tom's royal title in Season 5 of The Circle? When he arrives after the initial batch of contestants, he mentions his father's standing with the British royal family and even name-drops his former living quarters in the Tower of London more than once.

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We find it hard to believe that Tom's claims of having a connection to the royal family and a royal title of his own aren't totally made up. Unlike the contestants, though, viewers at home can Google Tom until they find out everything there is to know about the British comedian. So, what's Tom's official title outside of The Circle?

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Does Tom from 'The Circle' have an actual royal title?

On Tom's Instagram, he calls himself "honorable" and his bio says he formerly resided in the Tower of London. Those who live in the Tower of London are typically high-ranking military officials. The Resident Governor of the Tower of London and Keeper of the Jewel House also lives at the Tower of London.

Tom's dad, General Sir Nicholas Houghton, who is an ex-chief of defense staff, is another resident at the Tower of London. Tom's father was also knighted twice and he was eventually given the title of baron. So for a time, Tom also lived at the Tower of London. And as a result of his father's title, Tom's official British title is "The Honorable."

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But, Tom explains in a TikTok video, his title doesn't come with any power or royalties. Tom merely has his title because he is the offspring of a baron. And, when Tom is announced at a function, he is called "The Honorable Tom Houghton."

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Is 'The Circle's' Tom related to the royal family?

The Tower of London has royal guards outside of it and Tom's father is an important figure in the British military, which also serves the royal family. But Tom himself is not related to the royal family in any way that he has shared.

Tom has spoken about the late Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in his stand-up routines, however, since he is a comedian.

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In one show that was posted on YouTube, Tom tells the audience that, while many of them may not love the monarchy, it's impossible for them not to like the queen. He then goes into a joke about the queen's birth and subsequent birthright.

Even though Tom isn't related to the royal family and doesn't have a high-ranking title himself, other than the title he was given because of his father, his fellow Circle contestants are sure to be impressed by him. That is, if they don't consider him to be a catfish first.

You can watch The Circle on Netflix.

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