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Source: Getty

Uncle Nino From 'Jersey Shore' Is Still Enjoying His Fame


The first season of Jersey Shore was unlike anything that had ever existed on reality TV before. Snooki got punched at a bar, Ronnie fell in love at the Jersey Shore, and Vinny brought his crazy Uncle Nino Giamio to hang out with the cast in a hot tub. 

Uncle Nino made a splash at the shore, as he flirted with JWoww and talked a big game in the hot tub about his charm. We got a brief glimpse at Uncle Nino in Season 1 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but what is Uncle Nino from Jersey Shore doing now?

Uncle Nino from Jersey Shore is still down to party — but only if you pay him.

Fans of Uncle Nino will be happy to know that fame didn't go to his head too much, as he still is based in Staten Island. 

Uncle Nino knows that Jersey Shore gave him a platform to interact with fans of the show, but that comes at a price. Uncle Nino's Twitter page — which boasts nearly 50,000 followers — also advertises that interested fans can contact an email to have the "Original Guido" appear at an event.