We Tried That: Vegan Nacho Dipping Sauce Is Here for Your Taco Bell Nacho Fries

We tried Taco Bell's vegan nacho sauce to go along with the nacho fries and it may be a go-to menu item for those who can't have dairy.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 16 2023, Published 2:00 p.m. ET

Taco Bell Vegan Nacho Sauce
Source: Taco Bell

Words like 'vegetarian' and 'lactose intolerant' don't exactly go hand-in-hand with fast food. But Taco Bell rolled out its vegan nacho sauce to accompany the already loved nacho fries and it could be a game-changer for some. I'm not lactose intolerant myself, but dairy doesn't always sit well with me, so I had to try Taco Bell's vegan nacho sauce to see if it could replace the other nacho cheese offered by the fast food chain.

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While other restaurants may offer options for those with dietary restrictions, and Taco Bell even rolled out its cantina menu once upon a time, this is a first for this particular fast food restaurant. And I'm not saying that people who don't even need vegan nacho sauce may prefer it, but right now, that's a strong possibility.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries and vegan sauce
Source: Distractify
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We tried the Taco Bell vegan nacho sauce.

Before now, whether or not many knew it, the Taco Bell Nacho Fries were already vegan. It should be noted, however, that some locations do use the same oil for meat products as is used for non-meat menu items, so that is something to consider. However, the vegan nacho sauce is the perfect addition to the already vegan fries and it makes sense for Taco Bell to level up and double down on the vegan options.

The sauce itself comes in a container with a lid, so it's not pre-packaged before you arrive at the restaurant. And when I dipped in seasoned fry, it didn't taste any different than any other nacho cheese sauce. Except that, in this situation, I wouldn't have to worry about a potential stomachache later. And for those who are restricted with dairy products, either by choice or not, it's a solid replacement for standard nacho cheese.

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Vegan nacho sauce and fries at Taco Bell
Source: Distractify

Taco Bell's vegan nacho sauce tastes a tad spicy, but the heat is in no way overbearing. And, while you may be able to tell the difference between this nacho cheese and one that is in no way vegan, the taste is exactly what you need for it to be able to replace other nacho cheese sauces out there, including the one Taco Bell already had.

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There are other ways to eat vegan at Taco Bell too.

As a former vegetarian (one of many un-serious high school phases), I know how vegans and vegetarians can get creative with fast food meals. And there are already plenty of ways to do that with Taco Bell. Choosing the 'make it fresco' option for most menu items means you eliminate any cheese or mayo-based sauces, along with sour cream, with fresh tomatoes.

You then substitute whatever meat protein with beans or potato bites. And now, you can add the vegan nacho sauce as well. I paid $2.99 for a large order of nacho fries with vegan nacho sauce, but prices may vary by location. Get the Taco Bell vegan nacho sauce at participating locations nationwide.

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