Welder Boyfriend Goes All Out on a Gingerbread House to Celebrate Christmas

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 18 2023, Published 2:55 p.m. ET

When it comes to folks who celebrate Christmas, some of us tend to go all out when commemorating the festive holiday. Some folks deck their houses out with so many lights and decorations that there's an annual reality show dedicated to it. Others start shopping weeks if not months in advance for presents for their loved ones to avoid the inevitable shopping crowds. Similarly, others camp out online for exclusive holiday discounts on their favorite sites.

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But while we might all have our individual quirks on Christmas, one couple went viral for their semi-annual tradition. Alyssa Wood on TikTok (@alyssaawoodd) previously went viral when she shared a video of her welder boyfriend putting together a gingerbread house. In 2023, she followed up with more footage of her boyfriend going completely extra on their pastry construction.

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This gingerbread house was "welded" together by a woman's actual welder boyfriend.

In 2021, Alyssa achieved some internet fame when she posted a video of her gingerbread house being made for Christmas. In the video, which currently has 30.7 million views as of this writing, Alyssa's boyfriend applies his knowledge as a welder to build gingerbread houses.

In case you aren't aware, a welder uses high heat and advanced application techniques to melt together parts made from metals or thermoplastics. As for Alyssa's boyfriend, he employs a technique in which he makes thick and even loops to create a clean-looking seam of metal.

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Shockingly enough, this same technique can be used on gingerbread houses! In Alyssa's initial TikTok, her boyfriend can be seen applying his welding artistry to the seams of this confectionary-based construction.

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He uses a piping bag full of icing and a makeshift joke welding mask made from tissue paper to cover up the corners and seams of Alyssa's gingerbread house. A few more designs and candy decorations later, and they both created what many on the internet called one of the neatest-looking gingerbread houses ever.

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Alyssa's first TikTok got some serious traction on the platform and folks were eager for them to post a follow-up video. While they missed out on 2022, they returned in full force with a new gingerbread house video in 2023.

This time, however, the boyfriend went in fully prepared. In Alyssa's latest video, our favorite festive welder ditched the paper mask for a professional metal welding helmet. He even uses professional bolt cutters to snip open the piping bag.

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Using the same welding techniques that made them go viral in the first place, the two of them constructed yet another superb gingerbread house that might just make Great British Baking Show contestants blush.

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They even received a similar glowing reception. One person in the comments section called this "the best gingerbread house [they've] ever seen."

Another TikToker joked "That house can now withstand a hurricane."

Many fellow welders even complemented the boyfriend on his expert welding work.

Props to Alyssa and her boyfriend for constructing a gingerbread house that we honestly wouldn't mind living in! Cheers to the holiday season and videos that bring people joy this time of year.

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