What are DINKs on TikTok? Childless Working Adults Are Seemingly Living It Up

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 11 2023, Published 11:24 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The acronym DINK, which stands for "dual income, no kids," has become a popular term on TikTok.
  • The platform is rife with videos of childless adults are celebrating their financial status
  • However, some DINKs have been receiving backlash for their lifestyle choices.
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I am at the age where every time I go on Facebook, somebody I know is posting a photo of their kids or announcing a pregnancy. Truthfully, that's not something my partner and I are considering at the moment. We're just two working people who are together without kids. And up until recently, I didn't realize there was a specific acronym for us thanks to TikTok. We are DINKs and you may be a DINK or a SINK, too. Keep reading as we unpack the true meaning of DINK, SINK, DINKY, and SINKY below.

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What does DINK mean?

The term DINK started being used on TikTok in early 2023, but it wasn't until November or December 2023 that the acronym really picked up in popularity. DINK stands for "dual income, no kids," and refers to a married or cohabitating couple who both work full-time jobs and do not have kids. Those who are in a DINK relationship have two incomes coming in and don't have to allot any of it to taking care of a child. Instead, it's like disposable income that they can be spent on themselves.

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As creator @johnefinance points out, there are also SINKS, or "single income, no kids," which refers to a single person working full-time, who doesn't have kids.

While being a DINK for some is just a phase, but for others it's a permanent lifestyle. If you want kids in the future, you may be considered a DINKY or SINKY, meaning "dual/single income, no kids yet."

DINKS are reported to making six percent more money on average per household than couples with kids.

According to a recent survey from Forbes Advisor (via Aol), DINKs are very much treating themselves with their extra income. DINKs are reported to be spending of “£2,101 [$2,701.78 USD] per month, surpassing the national household average of £1,926 [2,476.45 USD] per month.”

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Approximately, two thirds of DINKs (63 percent) are spending their money on food and drinks, while 54 percent are spend their disposable income on trips and experiences. But don't worry, DINKs are being practical, as 56 percent are their money into savings.

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Surprisingly, DINKs are also reported to earn six percent more money on average per household than couples with kids.

Reasons for why DINKs don't want kids include the high cost of living, they "like their life how it is," and they'd rather focus on their career among other reasons.

DINKs are getting criticized for their lifestyles.

In a video shared by creator @lillyanne_, she and her husband explain some of the benefits of being a DINK. "We're DINKs, we don't have to ask our parents for financial help or to watch our kids when we go out," @lillyanne_ says in the video. "We're DINKs, I'm going to go football games and play all 18 holes whenever I want," adds her husband. They also mentioned how they have disposable income and can go to Costco and buy all their favorite snacks.

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While some folks resonated with the video, it did get some flack.

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On X, one user shared the video and wrote, "You’re both genetic dead ends congrats."

Other wrote mean-spirited comments nodding to the husband's weight and wishing harm on their relationship. It appeared not everyone could just be happy for the couple and respect their decision to not have kids.

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