Do You Have a Red iPhone? Here's What That Says About You

Kelly Corbett - Author

Apr. 20 2023, Published 12:27 p.m. ET

woman with pink nails and green shirt holds red iphone in her hands
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The fact that your text messages are blue and not green says something about you (team iPhone, for the win!). The fact that your read receipts are on says something about you. And the fact that you haven't updated your iPhone's iOS software in years says something about you.

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But you know what also says something about you? What really taps into your psyche? The color of your iPhone. The Wall Street Journal tapped Kate Smith, a psychologist and color theorist in Arlington, Va., to weigh in on what our iPhone color says about you.

Below, we summarize her findings on some of the brand's freshest hues.

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If you have a yellow iPhone ...

A person who opts for a yellow iPhone is likely to stay cheerful in difficult situations. “When there is uncertainty in the world, we are drawn to brighter colors,” Ms. Smith told the outlet. “How can you not smile when you see a bright shot of yellow?”

If you have a red iPhone ...

According to Ms. Smith, red iPhone owners seek attention and want to stand out. “Call it confidence,” she said, admitting that she previously owned a red iPhone.

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If you have a black iPhone ...

Black iPhone owners have great faith in their own abilities and exhibit strength. Those who choose an iPhone in this sleek and classy shade are also likely to hold strong opinions.

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If you have a lavender iPhone ...

“Lavender means you’re either very sophisticated or you’re a Swiftie,” said Ms. Smith, nodding to Taylor Swift's popular song "Lavender Haze." The color is regarded as a delicate tone and those who gravitate toward it are appreciative of life’s complexity.

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If you have a green iPhone ...

Green iPhones typically note intelligence and a “community-focused” mindset. While there are many shades of green, owners of light green iPhones are believed to have more empathy and tend to handle things more diplomatically than those who opt for the darker greens.

If you have a blue iPhone ...

A blue iPhone is a safe, but satisfying choice. Those who own blue iPhones are likely trustworthy or at least want to be seen that way. They may daydream often as " their minds are open to exploration," according to Ms. Smith.

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