Chloe From 'MAFS' Says Her Life "Improved Immensely" After She Cut Ties With the Other Ladies

Chloe says she relates more to the men of 'Married at First Sight' Season 17 than the women.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 24 2024, Published 10:15 p.m. ET

Chloe in a chair with lighted background on married at first sight
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Season 17 of Married at First Sight is over, but that doesn't mean the drama doesn't still have viewers talking. And after the "where are they now?" special that aired after the multi-part finale, we have a clearer image of where a few of the cast members are now. Spoiler alert — it's not with any of the respective partners and some enemies might have even been made.

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But, besides that, there's ongoing drama between Chloe and the other ladies of the season. Possibly because Chloe was a latecomer, as Michael's second match, she and the other ladies just didn't seem to click as much as they did with each other prior to her arrival.

Chloe didn't even get the memo about the women wearing pink dresses to the MAFS reunion. But there's more to the story about what happened between Chloe and the other MAFS women after Season 17 ended.

Lauren, Emily, Clare, and Becca on couches at the married at first sight reunion
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What happened between Chloe and the other women on 'MAFS' Season 17?

From the sound of it, Chloe might not have appreciated Lauren and Michael's connection, post-MAFS. She mentions a "burner account" on Facebook that she claims to "know for a fact" is controlled by one or more of the women from the show. And, according to Chloe, the account shared some extremely nasty remarks about her on social media. But it's possible that those alleged remarks stemmed from Chloe's issue with Michael and Lauren linking up on Instagram.

Lauren explains that she and Michael developed a friendship when the season ended. They even joke with Clare about the fandom wanting them to get together after the season finished airing. But, Lauren explains during the MAFS special, after she contacted Michael, Chloe wasn't happy, even though Chloe is his ex.

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Chloe on a farm with some of the husbands on married at first sight
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"Chloe and I are no longer friends," Lauren says on the show. "She became very irate with me when I followed Michael on social media. And yes, I apologized, I removed him from following me, [and] I unfollowed him. But she said that it didn't matter because I [committed] the ultimate betrayal for following him on social media."

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Lauren also notes that Chloe's behavior about Michael is a double standard since Chloe is good friends with Austin, who is Becca's ex. But for Lauren, distancing herself from Chloe means remaining clear of "pettiness" and "jealousy."

Chloe and her dog at a park on married at first sight
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What did the 'MAFS' women say about Chloe on Facebook?

Chloe doesn't go into detail about what the alleged burner accounts on social media said about her. However, she does say that the ladies displayed "mean girl behavior" toward her. And now that Chloe has blocked the other women, according to her, "They don't exist in my world anymore."

She does say that the burner account on Facebook claimed that she "only entered the party in order to steal" all of the other husbands. But Chloe and the other ladies are so far away from being on speaking terms that they don't discuss much more about their dynamic in the final MAFS Season 17 episode. Let's just hope that everyone has moved on in a healthy way.

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