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What Is Brandi From 'Storage Wars' up to Now? Is She Still With Jarrod?


Sep. 17 2020, Published 5:04 p.m. ET

The concept behind A&E's Storage Wars is that professional buyers bid on stale storage lockers after only getting to briefly look at them at an auction. There's an inherent risk every time the buyers begin to make their bids, as the units could be filled with worthless trash, or they could be hiding treasure. 

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Between Dan and Laura Dotson's quick auctioneering skills, the strong personalities of the bidders, and the intrigue of seeing the items get appraised, Storage Wars is an addictive watch. It's no surprise then that the show ran for 12 seasons. 

Source: Instagram
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Jarrod Schulz and his wife Brandi Passante were known as The Young Guns on the show, and they proved themselves to be sharp buyers and good negotiators. Their back-and-forth banter added another unique element to the series, and viewers sometimes had to stay tuned in to find out if their relationship would make it to the end of the episode.

What happened to Brandi from Storage Wars? Find out what she's been up to since the hit reality series ended. 

What happened to Brandi from 'Storage Wars'?

The 12th season of Storage Wars finished airing in January of 2019, which was nearly 10 years after viewers first met the likes of Jarrod and Brandi, Darrell and Brandon Sheets, and Barry Weiss.

Jarrod and his longtime love briefly had their own spinoff series, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job in 2014, but it ended after eight episodes. The two featured their kids, Cameron and Peyton, on the show as well. 

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Since the show ended, Brandi has remained active on her Instagram account (her feed also indicates that she has continued to bid on storage units). Her kids are now teenagers, and she is still based in California. 

She sporadically posts photos of her kids, but she noted that she had to stop doing so for a time because some of her followers were leaving "creepy" comments. 

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"I stopped posting photos of my babies," she wrote in February of 2020 along with a slideshow of photos of her daughter. "Because some creepy a-- dudes were harassing them. I am reluctantly posting this because, I am so proud of how beautiful my little is in her winter formal fit ... Don't be gross."

Are Brandi and Jarrod still together?

Though Brandi and Jarrod were listed as spouses on several episodes of Storage Wars, the two never legally married (which could explain why the two didn't share a last name on the show). 

After the show ended, it appears as if Brandi and Jarrod ended their relationship, though neither of them explicitly confirmed that on their respective platforms. 

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Source: Instagram

According to TV Shows Ace, the two split sometime in 2019. Jarrod has since gone on to date Rochel Beckman. It's unclear if Rochel and Jarrod are still together, though he has continued to promote her restaurant, The Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest, Calif. 

It does not appear as if Brandi has posted content with someone new since her split from Jarrod. 

You can catch up on past seasons of Storage Wars on the A&E app, on Tubi, and on Pluto TV. 

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