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Source: MTV

Kortni Is Still Missing From 'Floribama Shore' Season 3, So Will She Be Back?


Kortni committed the ultimate party foul on Floribama Shore Season 3 when she had to leave the beach house to have her tonsils removed, effectively taking her out of the party scene for several weeks. To be fair, it wasn't her fault, but since she is still MIA, you have to wonder what happened to Kortni on Floribama Shore and if she will be back this season.

There’s no reason to think she won’t be back at some point, but a lot of time has gone by without Kortni making drunken memories with the rest of the cast. Former Party Down South star and The Challenge competitor Mattie Lynn Breaux was even brought in, likely to fill the Kortni-sized hole left in the longtime cast member’s absence. But Mattie’s presence seems to be temporary and fans still have a soft spot for Kortni, even if she is still gone.