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Hype House Member Larray Pays Tribute to His Late Father on Instagram



If you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the Hype House, a TikTok collective of some of the most popular creators on the app, then you’re most likely familiar with Larray aka Larri Merritt.

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Larray joined the house a bit after its creation and has flown under the radar, but he is actually one of the more popular members of the Hype House due to his followings on other social platforms outside of TikTok, including YouTube. Before its demise, he was also popular on Vine with over 100,000 followers. While he is pretty open and honest about his life to his fans, there are some questions in regard to his family situation — including his siblings and parents.

Source: Instagram
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It seems as though Larray’s dad has passed away.

On Father’s Day 2020, Larray posted an Instagram photo as a tribute to his seemingly late father. In a series of older photos from when Larray was a young child, he showcased his love for his father and dedicated the post to him. He wrote “happy fathers day dad. i miss u.”

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Many of his friends, including Avani Gregg and Tana Mongeau, responded with heart emojis to show their support to Larray. Sympathies from fans also flooded the comment section.  One fan wrote, “he cares about you so much he’s looking down at you i promise bae.” Another commented, “Love you forever and always Larry.” 

Larray’s tweets hint at tension between him and his father.

While Larray’s father’s passing has surely hit him deeply, there have been tweets from his past that hint at some tension between him and his father and allusions to him possibly not having a stellar relationship with him — although it is entirely possible that these tweets from Larray are all in jest.

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In February 2018, Larray tweeted, “one direction and my dad have so much in common.. they both left and said they were coming right back!” In another thread, he recalled “trying to come out” to his dad and joked about how it went completely over his head. 

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In an interview with AwesomenessTV, Larray answered some of the top searches about him, including a question about how many siblings he had. After some thought (and counting), Larray revealed he has 13 siblings. “Fun fact. I have thirteen siblings, and I’m not even joking. My dad...My dad’s um...He’s ‘been around the block’ is the best way I can say that.”

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It seems like Larray and his mom are close.

From Larray’s constant sharing about his mom’s hilarious thoughts and comments about her son, it seems like Larray and his mom have a very friendly, loving relationship. In May 2017, Larray tweeted, “HI PLEASE TELL YOUR MOM YOU LOVE THEM OR YOUR DAD OR ANYONE WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU”

Along with his mom, Larray often features his grandmother in his YouTube videos. In one particular video, he attempts to teach her popular TikTok dances. In another, he films her reaction to his latest song.

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