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Source: Michelle Phan / Instagram

OG Influencer Michelle Phan Is Back on YouTube, but Where Has She Been All This Time?


Even if you aren't up on the latest in YouTube drama, chances are you've at least heard of Michelle Phan, arguably the first beauty influencer. Just a few years ago, it was unavoidable to walk the streets of New York City without encountering a poster of the now 32-year-old, who first got her start on the video platform back in 2007.

After amassing near to 9 million followers, the OG influencer vanished 10 years later in 2017. Her fans were devastated and in some compassionate way, almost relieved, by her disappearance. 

"You're the true icon of the beauty community and I think everyone forgot that," one person wrote in her comments. "In a way I'm glad you're gone because you won't get caught up in all this ... Miss you."