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Does Anyone Remember the Baby on 'black-ish'? Bow and Dre Forget He Exists, Too



If you're a black-ish fan like we are, you know there have been a lot of changes in the Johnson family since the show first started airing back in 2014. 

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In fact, there have been so many that the show has given way to an entire franchise including mixed-ish, set in the past and centering on Rainbow's coming of age, and FreeForm's grown-ish, which follows eldest daughter Zoey as she moves out of the family home and sets off to college.

And while the primary cast — which now consists of Dre, Rainbow, Junior, twins Jack and Diane, and grandparents Pops and Ruby — has remained intact, many viewers are wondering what happened to Bow's baby on black-ish?

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The baby on 'black-ish' is around...

"Anyone remember DeVante?" one black-ish fan recently asked on reddit. "Remember that arc where they added a baby that's rarely seen? I wonder what the lil guy's been up to."

As a recap, Dre and Bow shocked both their fans and their family when they announced at the end of Season 2 that Bow was pregnant with a fifth child.

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DeVante was born in "Juneteenth," the series' Season 4 premiere, and was cared for predominantly by Junior, who dedicated himself to babysitting his youngest brother while his parents worked. Many fans noted that this made Junior, an already nerdy teenager, slightly less likable as he spent the end of his high school days taking on a parenting role.

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And flash forward to present, he's still kind of acting as the primary caretaker for DeVante. "Now that the twins are grown, we're never ever [trick-or-treating] again," says Dre during Season 6's Halloween episode before Junior is forced to remind his father that he still has a baby to care for.

"Oh yeah, I forget. We have another one," replies Bow. "Guys, if you're just going to treat DeVante like this, we should have just left him at the fire station," Junior has to remind his parents, before going on to list a series of "firsts" — including his first ice cream, first haircut, and first Coachella music festival — that they were absent for.

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Fans predominantly agree with this take, and to this day find it inexplicable that the show chose to bring yet another addition to the Johnsons' big family. "I don't get it," wrote one. "If you're going to add a baby to the show, then you should develop the character. I mean, a baby is a baby, he's not like a recurring cousin [or] neighbor who pops up every now and then."

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Who plays DeVante on 'black-ish'?

While DeVante certainly doesn't have a starring role by any means on the show, and is so forgettable that many fans are wondering where he went, twin actors Berlin and August Gross have actually appeared in at least 40 episodes (and counting!) since they started playing DeVante back in 2017.

As it turns out — fun fact! — these 3-year-old twin actors are show biz legacies. They're the grandchildren of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas,' born to his daughter Porsche in January 2017. 

"The youngest and newest member [of the black-ish family] is my grandsons (twins, Berlin & August)," Peter announced on Instagram ahead of the Season 4 premiere.

We certainly hope that DeVante gets more air time as Season 6 continues to unfold. 

New episodes of black-ish air Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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