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Source: Ctrl Shift Face/YouTube

This Viral Deepfake of Bill Hader Impersonating Tom Cruise Is Cool but Kind of Terrifying


Tom Cruise and Bill Hader don't really look all that much alike, but in a now-viral deepfake video, the Tropic Thunder co-stars are virtually indistinguishable. 

On August 6, YouTube user Ctrl Shift Face posted an epic altered video of Bill Hader's 2008 interview on Late Night with David Letterman. When Bill Hader does impressions of Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen, his face literally morphs to the point that he looks like the stars. But what is a deepfake? Here's what you should know. 

What is a deepfake? You'll know when you see it.

According to, the term "deepfake" was coined on a Reddit thread back in 2017. Deepfake technology essentially recreates a person's appearance through artificial technology." The internet has caught on quickly, and #deepfake videos of all sorts have taken off.

Deepfake technology is fairly harmless when you're doing an obvious edit of Bill Hader looking like Tom Cruise, but this editing technique has been abused as well.