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Source: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Amanda Rollins Is Being Held Hostage — What to Expect From 'SVU's Winter Premiere


Updated 01/06: We can hardly wait until this Thursday, January 9, for hostage Amanda Rollins' fate to be decided at the hands of former detective Frank Bucci. Already, the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit winter premiere is promising to be a stressful one.

A clip obtained by TV Insider shows Frank breaking Rollins' and Dr. Hanover's phones, and Rollins explaining to her kidnapper that breaking her phone won't stop police from tracking the last ping off a cell tower.

In typical Rollins fashion, the mother-of-two is keen to point out how Frank's whiskey and pill bender won't help him with his hostages. "You think I'm here for my health?" an angry Bucci rebukes.

Dr. Hanover tries to put her psych skills to the test, empathetically telling the detective that she understands he's doing this all for his daughters.