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When Does 'This Is Us' Come Back in 2020? Let the Countdown Begin!



Wow. Just when we thought This Is Us couldn't get any crazier after Seasons 1, 2, and 3, showrunner Dan Fogelman has confirmed that anything is possible.

Indeed, Season 4 of the Tuesday-night tearjerker has introduced us to a slew of new characters who carry new dramas that naturally affect the entire Pearson clan.

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We've even been introduced to a younger version of the Big Three, cementing for viewers the fact that this series has an endless budget. The This Is Us fall finale is set to address some tense topics, not least of which is Rebecca's early dementia. 

Source: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
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But there's also Toby and Kate's fraught marriage, and the myriad emotions swirling through Randall's household, what with Deja's biological mom joining the family for Thanksgiving.

So all of this has us wondering: When will This Is Us return after the fall finale? Keep reading.

When will This Is Us return after the fall finale?

There's nothing quite as destabilizing as having a tight TV-viewing schedule that takes you through the workweek and then having the holidays get in the way of your evening plans.

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Alas, that's what's about to happen to all of us primetime TV fans on or around the week of Nov. 18, when all of our favorite shows come to an abrupt cliffhanger close that indicates the mid-season end.

Source: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
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To recap what's going on with our beloved Pearson family, Kate and Toby are going through it as new parents to a visually impaired son, Blake. And while we're not sure whether their marriage will last much longer, Toby has found fitness as his way to cope with the events of the past year, while Kate has forged an unlikely friendship with her curmudgeonly neighbor, Gregory.

Kevin moved into a trailer next to his Uncle Nicky's and has been helping him get back on his feet after a PTSD blowout caused Nicky to throw a chair through the window of a veterans' support group. Cassidy happened to be one of the vets among the support group, and Kevin develops a strong bond with her son that leads to the two adults sleeping together, then immediately regretting it.

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Randall's might be the most convoluted storyline of this season, as he's dealing not only with his political career as councilman, but also with his adoptive daughter Deja, her new boyfriend, as well as with his and Beth's oldest child Tess, who's contending with high school in a new city and discovering her sexuality.

Source: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
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But there's also the fact that Randall might be the closest to the Big Three's mom, Rebecca, who has recently been exhibiting early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's. "Randall knows Rebecca better than anyone on this planet, and the fact that he can tell something's brewing within her is a pretty good indication that that is indeed what's happening," executive producer Elizabeth Berger said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

Considering the fact that Season 3 flash-forwards showed that Rebecca would one day be unable to recognize her son, viewers know they are in for a wild ride — one that will doubtless require personal boxes of Kleenex.

Don't miss the chance to see where we pick back up with our favorite triplets and their families when This Is Us returns to NBC after its mid-season finale on January 14, 2019.

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