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Source: iStock by Getty Images

If You're Really Scared of Sharks, You Probably Don't Want to Visit Reunion Island


Shark Week has a lot of people scared to step foot in any ocean. But if you watch Return to Shark Island, you might be particularly weary of the waters around Reunion Island...

So where is Reunion Island? How many shark attacks have happened there? Should you be afraid?! Here's everything you need to know. 

Where is Reunion Island?

Reunion is an island in the Indian Ocean located to the east of Madagascar. According to the French island's official website, Reunion is "a true melting pot" thanks to its location "at the crossroads of European, African, and Asian cultures."

It's famous for its volcanic landscape, beautiful beaches, and stunning coral reefs. In recent years, Reunion became known for the shark attacks which have taken place in the waters surrounding the island.