Here’s Where You’ll Find Campfires in 'Fortnite' to Complete the New Weekly Challenge

Jon Bitner - Author

Apr. 25 2023, Published 3:42 p.m. ET

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Source: Epic Games

There have been a handful of big changes to Fortnite recently, but one of the latest challenges is forcing you to visit an old staple that’s graced the island for years — campfires. To complete the latest challenge, you’ll need to light three campfires in Fortnite.

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But where can you find campfires in Fortnite, and how do you light them? Here’s what you need to know before setting out on your camping trip.

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Here's where to find campfires in 'Fortnite.'

Campfires can be found throughout the world of Fortnite, with dozens of them scattered across most hot spots on the island. An easy campfire to find is just west of Frenzy Fields before crossing the river that leads to Mega City.

You can find three more directly south of Frenzy Fields near the coastline. They’re also scattered liberally throughout the northern portion of the Autumn biome and all around Brutal Bastion.

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If you’re tracking down campfires for the latest achievement, keep in mind that you’ll need to light a fire three times in order to complete the challenge. Locations like Brutal Bastion and Mega City aren’t recommended for this achievement, as you’re bound to encounter dozens of enemies in these hot spots.

Instead, it’s worth your time to venture out to less popular locations. Just keep your eyes peeled as you move through rural landscapes, and you’re bound to encounter a campfire within a few minutes of travel.

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How do you light campfires in 'Fortnite'?

To light a campfire in Fortnite, simply interact with it. This will start a fire and count towards your weekly challenge. As an added benefit, campfires will restore your HP. You can also stoke fires by feeding it Wood resources to prolong its effects.

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If you’re playing in Zero Build, the same process as above works to light campfires — although, since you can’t harvest resources in Zero Build, you won’t be able to stoke the fire. Regardless, the campfires achievement can be completed whether you’re playing Zero Build or standard Battle Royale.

It takes a few seconds to light a campfire, during which you’ll be exposed to enemy attacks. You can typically get away with lighting a campfire before anyone spots you, but be sure to set up walls or craft other structures if you need an additional line of defense. This is particularly true if you’re trying to light campfires in highly trafficked areas.

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Once you’ve started three campfires, you’ll complete the challenge and earn yourself a bundle of XP. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to find and light three campfires in Fortnite, so be sure to check out this challenge as soon as you can and cash in on some easy experience points.

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