Leftovers Could Save You in a Battle in 'Pokémon BDSP' — Here's Where to Find Them

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 6 2022, Published 2:38 p.m. ET

Longtime and novice Pokémon trainers have been steadily making their way through the remakes of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl since the games were released for the Nintendo Switch. While these games are largely similar to the originals, there are some differences, making it difficult to find certain items in the game.

Here's how to find Leftovers — an item you wouldn't think you would need, but can actually be very useful to have for your Pokémon.

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What are Leftovers in 'Pokémon' games? They're more beneficial than you would think.

Leftovers were originally introduced as an item in Pokémon games during Generation II, specifically during the Pokémon Gold and Silver eras. Players who caught a Snorlax or Munchlax in the games would find the Pokémon holding Leftovers.

The item, which can also be obtained in various locations in subsequent games, can be held by a Pokémon during battle. Leftovers will slowly replenish your Pokémon's health during battle, giving it back 1/16th of its total HP every turn.

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It's important to note, though, that if the replenishment amount is an odd number, it'll round down. For example, if 1/16th of your Pokémon's HP is seven, instead it will give it six HP each turn.

While this may not seem like much, it's a very beneficial thing to have, especially during a particularly difficult battle. The Leftovers can be given to any Pokémon to hold. There is no limit to the number of turns a Pokémon can hold Leftovers — they won't run out.

Where to find Leftovers in 'Pokémon Brilliant Diamond' and 'Shining Pearl.'

There are a few different ways in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl where you can obtain Leftovers for your Pokémon, though regardless, being able to obtain a sufficient supply to give to all of your Pokémon will be a bit difficult.

The first way to get Leftovers is to capture Snorlax and Muchlax. Every one of these two Pokémon you capture in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl should be holding the item when you capture it. You can then take it and give it to a different Pokémon.

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There are two locations on the map where you can also find Leftovers. The first is Victory Road after you've received your National Dex. First, use Surf to travel down the waterfall, then get off your Pokémon once you reach the bottom. Enter the cave on your right and then use Rock Climb to climb down the rocks once you cross the bridge to the south. From here, you should be able to enter the other cave entrance that's to the right of your screen once you climb down the rocks.

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When you enter the second cave, use Defog to clear the fog obscuring your path. Once you reach the little lake ahead of you, use Surf yet again and ride your Pokémon straight across the expanse of water. In the corner, there will be an item sitting there. This is one portion of Leftovers.

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The Grand Underground also has one serving of Leftovers hidden in it. To get there, navigate your way to the large hideaway toward the north section of the map. This is the Glacial Cavern. If you're entering from the south, go all of the way to the left when you walk in before going north. Here you'll find another serving of Leftovers.

The last way to obtain this elusive item is to use the Pickup ability. Make sure you have at least one Pokémon on your team with the ability as you travel around the Sinnoh region.

Unfortunately, only Pokémon levels 21 and up have a chance of walking away from a battle with a Wild Pokémon with Leftovers — and even then, there's only an ultra rare chance. There are a variety of other items the Pokémon may leave battle with instead, so it may take some time to build a sufficient stockpile of it.

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