Who Hit Eddie in ‘A Million Little Things’? Culprit Is Finally Revealed

In the Season 2 finale of 'A Million Little Things,' Eddie was hit by a car and left for dead. The question on everyone's mind is who hit Eddie?

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Mar. 16 2023, Updated 11:15 a.m. ET

David Giuntoli as Eddie 'A Million Little Things'
Source: ABC

The fifth and final season of A Million Little Things is tying up some loose ends from the storylines we’ve watched since the show premiered in 2018. For Eddie Seville (David Giuntoli), the show’s writers gave him a full-circle moment involving the person who hit him in Season 2.

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During the Season 2 finale,“‘Til Death Do Us Part,” fans worried that Eddie died after the car accident. Thankfully, Eddie survived the accident, but the mystery surrounding who hit him remained for most of Season 3. The person's identity wasn’t at all what fans expected. Keep reading to find out who hit Eddie on A Million Little Things and learn about the actor who plays her.

David Giuntoli as Eddie Seville 'A Million Little Things'
Source: ABC
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Who hit Eddie in ‘A Million Little Things’? Fans went wild with theories on the culprit.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things ended with a cliffhanger leading viewers into Season 3. Viewers saw Eddie heading straight into a bar and ordering a drink after being informed of some new evidence regarding his childhood friend Alex’s (Olivia Steele Falconer) death. However, in a last-minute change of heart, Eddie, sober since Season 1, decided to leave the bar and asked Katherine (Grace Park) to renew their wedding vows before a mystery person hit him with a car.

The incident paralyzed Eddie from the waist down. In Season 4, he confirmed to his son, Theo (Tristan Byon), that he might never walk again. Eddie also relapsed during his recovery when he abused prescription pills after years of giving up alcohol. While he was struggling, fans still wondered who was behind Eddie’s accident.

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Throughout Season 3, fans predicted that Alex’s father, Reverend Stewart (Gerard Plunkett), hit Eddie after stalking him from afar in the finale. In Season 3, Episode 3 of A Million Little Things, we find out that it wasn't a red truck that hit Eddie, but a red SUV. Reverend Stewart revealed to Eddie that he saw the car that hit him and tried to chase it down as he called the police.

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The mystery kept going into the Season 3 finale when a woman called Eddie to tell him she hit him after he found out where she worked.

In Season 4, Episode 4, “Pinocchio,” we heard her side of what happened that night. The woman’s name was Nicole (Rachel Nichols), and she told Eddie why she waited so long to come forward. She escaped her abusive husband and ran away with their son. When she realized she hit Eddie, she said she couldn’t tell the police out of fear her ex would find them.

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Nicole won over Eddie’s sympathy, and he decided to forgive her. In Season 4, Episode 5, Eddie generously rented an apartment for Nicole and her son and paid their rent for six months. He also put the lease in his name, so Nicole’s ex won’t know where they live.

Rachel Nichols as Nicole 'A Million Little Things' Season 5.
Source: ABC
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Rachel Nichols returned as Nicole for ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 5.

Fans didn’t get to see Eddie’s act of kindness manifest until Season 5 of A Million Little Things. After adjusting to his life as a single dad and rideshare driver, Eddie decided to return to school to become an addiction counselor.

During his first day in Season 5, Episode 5, “No Place Like Home,” Eddie struggled to get into a Behavioral Psychology class that’s required for his major. Fortunately, when a counselor says she has “got this one” at the registrar's office, he sees that the woman helping him is Nicole.

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Once Eddie approached Nicole’s desk, she told him she had been working there for six months and was finally in a stable place. She said her son attended daycare at work, and she and her ex were adjusting well as co-parents.

(l-r): David Giuntoli as Eddie and Rachel Nichols as Nicole 'A Million Little Things'
Source: ABC
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Nicole then snuck Eddie into the psych class he needed, though she promised him she wasn’t doing him any favors. In the following scene, viewers learn what Nicole meant when the Behavioral Psychology professor, Dr. Craft (Liz Vassey), scolded Eddie multiple times before telling him to drop her class.

Eddie’s scene in registration was the last time viewers saw Nicole. It isn't clear if the actor who plays her, Rachel Nichols, will return in future episodes. If Rachel looks familiar, you’ve probably seen her on other TV shows like Chicago Fire, Witches of East End, and Sex and the City.

Catch new episodes of A Million Little Things on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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