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Source: Getty Images

Is Ariana Grande Single? What to Know About the Pop Singer's Love Life!


In Ariana Grande's 2019 "Boyfriend" music video with Social House, the pop star plays up just how complicated relationships can be.. In the clip, Ariana and Michael "Mikey" Foster play two people who aren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend but still have all the jealousy issues that come with being in a relationship. 

"Boyfriend" has a lot of people asking who Ariana Grande is dating. Here's what you need to know. 

Who is Ariana Grande dating? No relationship rumors have been confirmed in 2020... yet.

Ariana currently is not dating anyone — not publicly, at least. There were rumors in late 2019 that Ariana was dating Mikey Foster. Then, their romance was seemingly confirmed after the singer's brother, Frankie Grande, told Us Weekly that he was on a double date with his little sis, double date with Ari, Mikey, and his boyfriend Hale Leon: "It was really fun. Game night! Board games! So fun," he said.