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Source: Instagram

David Dobrik Isn't Dating Anybody — Yet


David Dobrik just got divorced from Lorraine Nash, but fans are already speculating.

The YouTuber, podcaster, and Teen's Choice Award-winning content creator might have married his best friend's mother for a prank — and what a prank it was — but his actual love life barely makes the headlines. 

Many would like to know: who is David Dobrik dating? And, for that matter, why is he not dating his assistant, Natalie Mariduena? 

David has just filed for divorce from Lorraine Nash – whom he married as a joke. 

The YouTuber became famous for his tongue-in-cheek, unconventional videos depicting the most audacious pranks fathomable. 

In one 4 minute and 20-second long piece, we see him deliberately ruin his friend, Jason Nash's comedy set, while in another, he misleads his friend, Josh into believing that the whole gang will fly to Japan, his favorite country for a quick getaway, only without him.