Jill’s Famous Relative on 'Claim to Fame' Is Everyone's Favorite TV Uncle (EXCLUSIVE)

Jill spoke exclusively with 'Distractify' about leaving 'Claim to Fame' when ehr famous uncle was revealed.

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Jul. 18 2024, Updated 10:02 a.m. ET

Jill from 'Claim to Fame'
Source: ABC

Season 3 of Claim to Fame premiered on ABC on Wednesday, July 10. The season includes 11 contestants vying for a $100,000 cash prize. However, they can only win if they can avoid disclosing what famous person's name they drop whenever the spirit moves them.

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Among the sneaky contestants is Jill, determined to keep her ties to fame a secret for as long as possible. And up until the end of the second episode, she does a great job, as many had no idea who her relative could be after seeing her clues. But when there's a surprise double guess-off and Jill goes home in the July 17 episode, her famous relative is revealed.

Following her elimination, Distractify spoke exclusively with Jill about her famous uncle.

John Stamous in a black suit on-stage with a microphone
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Jill's famous relative on ‘Claim to Fame’ is John Stamos!

Ahead of the season, Jill gave fans clues about who her famous relative might be. In her Claim to Fame profile, Jill spilled some tea by naming two truths — and a lie — the celebrity. We now know that Jill's uncle is John Stamos, known by many a Full House fan as Uncle Jesse, and loved for that character alone.

No one had John Stamos pegged as Jill's famous relative, and if she hadn't been forced to guess Miguel's relative in Episode 2, she might still have been able to fly under the radar. Unfortunately, when she incorrectly guesses Miguel's celebrity relative, Jill is sent home.

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Jill from 'Claim to Fame'
Source: ABC

Jill spoke exclusively with 'Distractify' about her uncle, John Stamos, and her time on the show.

After seeing Jill's clues, fans predicted her "grandfather" could be between three thespians: Mel Gibson, the late great Robin Williams, or Clint Eastwood. Like we said, she flew under the radar pretty easily, with no one guessing who her mega-famous uncle is.

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Following her elimination, Distractify spoke exclusively with Jill about competing on the show and whether or not she truly didn't know who Antonio Banderas is. Read on for our exclusive Q&A!

(Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Jill and Miguel stand together in the backyard on Claim to Fame
Source: Disney/Chris Willard
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Q: What went through your mind when you learned there would be a double elimination on the second night?

A: When I learned there was a double elimination on the second night, I was genuinely terrified. I was trying to do whatever I could so that I did not end up being the guesser.

Q: Your guess about Miguel's relative is wrong, but it's thanks to his apparent plan with Dedrick. How sure were you about Miguel being related to Antonio Banderas?

A: Going into it I had no clue about Miguel’s plan with Dedrick so I was pretty confident. I was listening to things that other people were saying and I was trusting them...which I probably should not have done.

Q: Though your confusion offered some much needed comedic relief, did you really not know who Antonio Banderas is?

A: I actually did not know who Antonio Banderas was. I remember getting my phone back and that was one of the first things I looked up.

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Jill in the Claim to Fame talent show
Source: Disney/Chris Willard

Q: We find out your relative is your uncle, John Stamos, who is also everyone else's favorite TV uncle. What did he say when you told him about competing on Claim to Fame?

A: He was one of the most supportive people when he found out I was doing it. I remember the first call I had with him about it and he went and looked up the show and gave me a bunch of tips. Fun fact: the magic trick was his idea!

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Q: What was it like growing up with someone whose TV family life was such an important part of pop culture?

A: It was honestly amazing. I was able to brag to all my friends at school about all the fun things I was doing with him and it was also so cool being able to support him.

Q: For you, what was the hardest part about filming a reality show and living in a house with strangers?

A: The hardest part about it was not knowing how everyone else was going to be. I was really nervous going in that there were going to be people really into the game or mean. I wanted to be able to make friends and positive memories along the way.

Gracie Lou, Mackenzie, and Jill sit in a bedroom on Claim to Fame
Source: Disney/Chris Willard

Q: What would you have done differently if you had a second chance on the show?

A: The only thing I would have done differently is studying celebrities more. I knew a little bit, but the other cast members knew a lot more than I did, so sometimes it was hard for me to be in conversations.

Claim to Fame airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Stream the next day on Hulu.

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