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Is Justin Duggar Courting Someone? People Seem Convinced, and Have Theories



Tonight's episode of Counting On, "Jana's Secret Garden," Jana was surprised with a greenhouse from her family. Other highlights include: all the ladies making lactation cookies and natural baby soap, Jana, Abbie, and John go to Tennessee for a little getaway and hide Jana away so they can surprise her later on with the greenhouse. Jana and John take a woodworking class, and Jana is happy to be spending more time with her twin. At home, there's drama over the greenhouse, because things keep going awry.

Other than Jana's greenhouse, there are more pressing matters. In the preview for the next episode, we find out that 18-year-old Justin seems to be courting someone (kind of), and there's a lot of speculation about who. There have been rumors about Justin courting a girl since January, according to FlickPrime. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of information about Justin's alleged courting, but Reddit has been popping off about it.

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Who is Justin Dugger courting?

"..Justin with a girl we don't know yet according to the preview at the end of Jana's Secret Garden!" one redditor posted 10 hours ago. But all the preview shows Justin saying is, "I actually do have some news for the family..." as someone cries out "What!" There's no mention of a girl. However, another redditor say they have information about the girl Justin is allegedly courting. The redditor says they're aware of the girl's name, but they're not sure if she's over 18, and that she's appeared in Counting On before (including the current season).

"Mod team (and at this point, some users) are aware of the full name of the girl in question, but we are not sure if she is over 18. This is why I am removing comments that state her full name. She has appeared (unnamed) on Counting On on several occasions, including this season, and has been shown in photographs here. I have referred to her as 'C' in the past, so I'm fine wit others doing so too. She is the girl featured in the photo with Justin that someone posted a while ago." 

Source: TLC

Others think Justin's "courtship" is just a way to pull in viewers. One redditor (mgomes12) wrote, "Conspiracy theory: since they can’t have a huge wedding right now, they arranged one of the younger ones to court so they can have a long courtship/engagement and have a wedding when corona restrictions ease up. Gotta get those views. No way they could have a 1200+ guest event in the next few months."

Another redditor believes that Justin is going to announce that he's a dad. "he’s probably going to be a teen dad :(," cxx510 wrote. Another redditor concurred, writing, "Almost 100% certainty of that, unless they call off the courtship or his wife-to-be has some trouble conceiving. They've obviously already been in a relationship for awhile now, so they'll be married with the next few months. And he doesn't even turn 18 until November. Insanity."

We'll just have to wait and see what Justin's big announcement is in the next episode. Watch Counting On on TLC every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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