Is Kazi the Clown Responsible for Ruining Clint's Christmas in 'Hawkeye'?

Katherine Stinson - Author

Oct. 21 2021, Published 2:37 p.m. ET

Source: Disney Plus

Will Kazi (Fra Fee) be the primary villain in the highly anticipated Marvel series Hawkeye? Marvel's next original Disney Plus series shines a spotlight on Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a new archer on the block. The first two episodes of Hawkeye will premiere on Disney Plus on Nov. 24.

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We've already seen the first official Hawkeye trailer, which featured Kate meeting Clint and introduced the central issue of the series. People are trying to kill Hawkeye. But why? A new promo is causing a buzz because Hawkeye's potential villain was spotted in the footage. Who is Kazi, and why could he want to kill Clint Barton?

Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Source: Disney Plus
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Who is Kazi? Is he the villain in 'Hawkeye'?

So we do know that Fra Fee is in fact playing Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak in Hawkeye. Fra's face was spotted for the first time in the new Hawkeye promo. Is Kazi the one trying to kill Clint and ruin his Christmas plans with his family? Check out the promo below, posted by Twitter user @theroyalmess.

Source: Twitter
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In the comics, Kazi is a Polish mercenary hired to kill Clint by a mob boss after Clint impedes the mob boss's evil plans. Kazi's most well-known villainous nickname is the Clown. Fra posted his excitement over joining the MCU on his Instagram, complete with images from Kazi's terrifying clown look in the comics.

Source: Instagram
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OK, so it's Kazi who's trying to ruin Clint's Christmas, right?

Well, we're not 100 percent sure yet. The official Hawkeye trailer made it clear that there are people trying to kill Clint, and that's why he's forced away from his family once again. However, it's currently not clear who the primary villain of Hawkeye is.

It would make sense to assume that it's Kazi. If we've learned anything from previous Marvel shows like WandaVision, it's fun to theorize about potential villains, but nothing's a given. (But we think it's safe to say that Mephisto won't show up in Hawkeye.)

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If we follow Kazi's role as a mercenary from the Marvel comics, more than likely there will be a superior that Kazi reports to who serves as Hawkeye's real villain. Marvel Studios is notoriously secretive about plot twists and reveals. While this theory is purely speculative, it is plausible they haven't even announced who was cast as Hawkeye's actual main villain. Kazi's character might be a red herring.

Who is Fra Fee?

Fra Fee is a 34-year-old Irish actor and singer. He played the role of Courfeyrac in the 2012 film adaptation of the musical Les Miserables. Fra was also seen in the recent Amazon Prime adaptation of Cinderella with Camila Cabello. Fra boasts an extensive resume in theatrical productions as well. We can't wait to see him on screen in Hawkeye!

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Fra Fee
Source: Instagram

Stream the first two episodes of Hawkeye on Disney Plus on Nov. 24. The remaining four episodes will be released the following weeks every Wednesday.

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