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Hero Fiennes Tiffin From 'After' Is Our Latest Obsession



If you're into teen flicks, One Direction, or just hot guys with British accents, we recommend streaming After on Netflix. 

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The movie is actually based on a One Direction fan-fiction series by Anna Todd, who used a version of Harry Styles to craft an addictive love story between tatted bad boy Hardin Scott and straight-A student Tessa Young.

But fans of the YA fanfic turned teen romance are dying to know who plays Hardin in After. Plus, is the British heartthrob single or taken? Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

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Source: Netflix

So, who plays Hardin in After?

Almost as soon as Tessa (Josephine Langford) begins her freshman year of college at Rossmore University of Atlanta, she develops an infatuation with Hardin Scott, a bad boy type who negs her in English class over a discussion of Pride and Prejudice.

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Hardin is played by a perhaps familiar face to any fans of the Harry Potter franchise: Ralph Fiennes' nephew, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, 21. In the Harry Potter universe, Hero plays the 11-year-old version of Ralph's Lord Voldemort.

But aside from that role, he's making his real splash as the antihero of After, and its sequel, After We Collided. "I think the amount of press and promotion has been the biggest shock," he said in an interview with W Magazine.

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"And I feel like the fans, especially with After—it's just nuts. They're everywhere, and they're so enthusiastic and supportive," he said. "Anna [Todd] tried to warn us, but I didn't really believe the extent of what she explained, how crazy it would be."

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Hero appreciated the "complexity and mystery" of the character in his first lead role.

Having pretty much only been known for his role as young Voldemort in Harry Potter, Hero found himself quite lucky to get cast in the lead role on After.

"It was one of a bunch auditions I did, and it kept coming back around," he continued during his conversation with W, adding that what appealed to him about Hardin's character was the "complexity and mystery" surrounding him.

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Source: Netflix

For Hero, that was "especially attractive to an actor for a first lead role," he said. "There are so many layers that you slowly reveal to the audience. It's obviously hard work and long hours and conflicting opinions, but the whole process of filming was fun. We got so lucky in the cast and crew—I'm in touch with so many of them still today."

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Does Hardin have a girlfriend?

While the 21-year-old British actor keeps a low profile on social media, it doesn't seem like he has a girlfriend even outside of Instagram. "Interestingly enough," he told Elle a few months ago, "I've never had, like, a proper relationship. I haven't had a girl I would call my girlfriend."

Whether that will stand to change in the next year, or with the thousands of his 3.3 million fans who take any opportunity to express their love for him — "I am actually in love w u," and "I literally just watched the movie After and I think I'm in love w you now... ok that's all" are comments that were sent while we were working on this very article — is anyone's guess. 

After is now streaming on Netflix.

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