We Finally Know Who's Responsible for the Nori's Black Book Instagram Account!

Who runs the Nori's Black Book account on Instagram? The viral parody page is told from the perspective of Kim Kardashian West's daughter, North West.

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May 13 2021, Updated 9:24 p.m. ET

Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian
Source: Instagram

Shortly after Kim Kardashian West gave birth to her first child, North West, in June of 2013, a parody Instagram account was created in the A-list offspring's honor.

@NorisBlackBook offers commentary on the lives and business ventures of the various Kardashian family members. The snarky captions are told from the perspective of the seven-year-old, and the KarJenners occasionally respond to the posts in the comments section.

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Though Nori's Black Book was created in good fun, the actual identity of the person behind the viral account has never been publicly revealed...until now! On the May 13 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Khloé are on the case to finally find out who has been parodying North for nearly her entire life.

In an exclusive clip, the famous sisters are convinced that the page is run by someone in their inner circle. 

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Kim and Khloé are trying to find out who Nori's Black Book is on 'KUWTK.'

A lot has changed in the years since KUWTK debuted, but one thing has remained the same: Kim loves some good old-fashioned detective work. Instead of hacking voicemails like she did in the early years of the show, she's using her Instagram network (and the help of her sister, Khloé) to find out who has been behind the Nori's Black Book account. 

Though some of the 870,000 followers on the @NorisBlackBook page assumed that the creator was a KUWTK superfan, the reality stars are convinced that one of their close friends has been running the account. 

In the clip from the May 13 episode, Khloé begins FaceTiming friends of the family to narrow down the list. After confirming that their cousin, Cici Bussey, wasn't involved, the Good American founder calls hairstylist/good friend Jen Atkin. 

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"I f-----g wish I was Nori's Black Book," Jen says in response to the question about her involvement. "My captions aren't that good."

While Jen assures the siblings that she isn't behind the parody account, she does have a suspicion that it could be Stephanie Shepherd.

Like Jen, Stephanie also says that she "wishes" she was the one who came up with the page. Unlike the hair expert, Stephanie believes that "it's someone random" because nobody in their friend group is "that funny."

Source: Instagram
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After they rule out Stephanie, Khloé and Kim decide to call the KKW Chief Marketing Officer, Tracy Romulus. She tells Kim to reach out to the Nori's Black Book account to offer to send a PR box of items so that they can find out the person's address. 

"We can send her a KKW Beauty press box, so we can get her home address. Then, we can investigate. If this works, we might finally get our answer," Kim concludes at the end of the clip.

Who runs Nori's Black Book?

And it worked! At long last, we finally know who's behind Nori's Black Book — it's Natalie Franklin!

In 2018, Natalie did an interview with TooFab. The outlet revealed that the creator of the account is a woman who lives in California, and she uses the pseudonym "Bianca." She explained why she kept her identity private for so many years. 

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"I like being anonymous because I feel like it lets people use their own imagination," she said. 

Natalie (aka Bianca) shared that she was inspired to start the page when she saw "Suri's Burn Book," which was a parody Tumblr account for Suri Cruise. The influencer decided to pick North West as the subject of the account when she saw the tot in clothing from Babies R Us in 2014. 

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"North is probably so pissed off. Why isn't this child in Balmain or Prada?" Natalie thought at the time. "I said that to a friend of mine, and that's when I got the idea."

The viral parody account shared the KUWTK clip as an ad, and she hinted that her identity would actually be revealed on the show. 

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Sure enough, Kim posted a picture of Instagram of her, Khloé, and Natalie after the big reveal occurred on the show. "We [stalked] and accused everyone of being this account and the sentiment was that everyone wishes they actually were! Meet Natalie AKA @norisblackbook who started that account for fun and is SPOT on with North’s personality!" Kim said in the caption of the photo. "It’s all in fun and so happy we got to meet the super talented hysterical writer Natalie!"

That's one mystery solved!

New episodes of the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians air on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on E!.

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