JiDion's YouTube Comeback — and the Real Reason He Quit!

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Nov. 29 2023, Published 9:20 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • JiDion gained popularity due to his prank videos on YouTube.
  • He announced he was quitting in September.
  • JiDion returned to YouTube and has revealed plans to make a different kind of content.
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Popular YouTuber, JiDion, has returned to the video-sharing platform after previously stepping away from the public eye. JiDion announced that he was quitting YouTube in September, revealing his departure in a heartfelt message.

“The way I’m living right now, if God was to take my breath away right now, I’m going to hell,” He said. Adding, “I’m not gonna be poppin. I’m not gonna be on you guys’ For You Pages with edits, I’m not gonna be having the A$AP Rockies and Mark Wahlbergs hit me up.”

JiDion, known for his over-the-top pranks and outlandish livestreams, started making YouTube videos in 2018. His main channel boasts more than 7 million subscribers.

However, Jidion has since removed all of his old content and appears to be embarking on a new journey. And while fans of the streamer are undoubtedly excited for his return, they may be surprised to learn why he initially quit YouTube.

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JiDion has turned his life over to Christ.

JiDion’s days of pranking strangers have come to an end. The popular YouTuber will no longer create content for entertainment purposes, as he has turned his life over to Christ and will now be focused on providing a different form of influence.

JiDion explained his decision in a video posted on November 29 and revealed that he did not believe that his content was godly.

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“There’s no Christian in their right mind that can make the case to say that the content that I was making was of God,” JiDion said. Adding, “Every time that I’m doing a prank or doing a prank on a person, I am literally practicing what the master prankster himself, Satan, did.” He went on to reveal that he regrets a lot of the pranks he has done in the past, because of the harm its caused to others.

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JiDion shared a story behind one of his most popular prank videos, which saw him lie to security guards at the Gatorade headquarters in order to gain access to the building. “What a lot of you guys don’t know is that three people lost their jobs because of me,” JiDion explained.

JiDion’s viral past is very controversial.

JiDion's time as a viral star has been filled with drama. In January 2022, he was banned from Twitch for encouraging his followers to harass streamer Pokimane, according to Business Insider.

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, later suggested that she was receiving hate on Twitch because she is a woman. JiDion fired back at Pokimane’s claims. “My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender but her as a person, don’t get the two confused,” he tweeted.

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JiDion’s prank videos were more ridiculous. He was kicked out of the 2022 US Open after he got a haircut during the match. In July, the YouTuber personality was banned from all NBA events after pretending to fall asleep during a WNBA game.

Maybe he made the right decision to step away from YouTube...

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