The Clermont Twins Are Back on 'Baddies' After Suing the Producers of 'Bad Girls Club'

We never expected the Clermont twins to return to reality TV after they sued ‘Bad Girls Club.’ We dig into why they sued.

Jamie Lerner - Author

May 14 2024, Updated 4:49 p.m. ET

Clermont twins on 'Bad Girls Club'
Source: Oxygen

The days of Bad Girls Club are sadly over, in part because of the Clermont twins' epic lawsuit against the show’s producers. Now, almost ten years after they appeared on Season 14 of BAG, the twins are back in the public eye in the Zeus Network’s Baddies: Caribbean. While they’re not quite as chaotic as they used to be — their contract stipulated no touching and no fights — they are still bringing the heat to reality television.

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Shannade and Shannon Clermont, aka the Clermont twins, went down in history as the beginning of the end of Bad Girls Club, due to their lawsuit against the producers. In Season 15, a similar lawsuit followed, and by the following year, Bad Girls Club was canceled. So why did the Clermont twins sue BGC?

The Clermont twins on 'Baddies: Caribbean'
Source: Zeus Network
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The Clermont twins sued ‘BGC’ because they allowed other girls to ruin the twins’ belongings.

We always expect drama to go down on reality television and even more so on a show called Bad Girls Club. But the Clermont twins didn’t expect it to go as far as to lose all of their things. Apparently, they had spent their entire time in the house defending their characters, alongside their friend, Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier, and they were ready to leave. They allegedly asked producers to leave, but the producers convinced them to stick around.

Two days later, the twins and Jela went out to the club without any issues. But as the rest of the girls in the house — Tina, Jasmine, Kat, and Lauren — watched the other three drive away, they grew frustrated with the situation. Why were they stuck back at the house while the others got to go out and enjoy themselves? Because BGC and its producers are never short of stirring up drama, this somehow led the girls at the house to destroy Shannade, Shannon, and Jela’s personal belongings.

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When the three girls returned, they found all of their belongings, which included designer bags, shoes, and more, permanently destroyed. Some items were lathered with kitchen condiments; others were torn apart. But the worst was a bathtub filled with their prized possessions and a concoction of bodily fluids, such as urine, used tampons, and other destructive household fluids.

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Naturally, Jela and the twins were furious, so they got into an explosive altercation with the other girls. The producers took the side of the girls who did the damage. They put the girls in a hotel for their safety and told Jela and the Clermont twins to leave the show. The Clermont twins suspected producers planned the vandalism to cause a dramatic forced exit after they had asked to leave.

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The Clermont twins won their lawsuit against ‘Bad Girls Club.’

When the Clermont twins brought their lawsuit against BGC forward, they blamed producers for the destruction to their property. While the girls obviously did the damage, the producers not only allowed it, but allegedly, they also encouraged it. And when Jela and the Clermont twins tried to retrieve some of their belongings from the bath, producers didn’t stop them from putting their hands in the liquid, which was a health hazard because of the bodily fluids.

Add production’s blame on the twins and Jela, and they had a solid lawsuit against the production company. According to various sources, they won at least $1 million in the suit to cover the cost of property damage, as well as emotional and physical distress.

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In the following season, a different set of twins, the Hepperles, were talked into joining the show after another set of twins left. Producers allegedly told them “fighting inside or outside of the premises” would get them kicked off and a clause in their contract claimed, “No fighting, no touching, no slapping, no grabbing, no biting, and no violence of any sort will be permitted.”

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But BGC fans know better. When the Hepperles walked in, they were greeted with a sack of flour prank and a major brawl. They immediately left (thanks to stealing a producer’s cell phone to call their dad) and sued, although the results of the lawsuit haven’t been made public. Fans have speculated that the combination of back-to-back lawsuits led to the end of Bad Girls Club.

Luckily for us, however, it’s not the end of the Clermont sisters.

Tune in to see them on various episodes of Baddies Caribbean every Sunday on the Zeus Network.

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