Here's Why TikTok Cannot Stop Roasting This Cartoon Elephant From 'Sing'

Meena, a cartoon elephant, from the 'Sing' movie franchise is being dragged on TikTok for how she acted in two particular scenes in 2016.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Feb. 5 2022, Published 4:40 p.m. ET

There are some characters that I think we can all unanimously agree suck. Like Ross from Friends (enough with the “we were on a break” nonsense). Or Ted Mosby from HIMYM, who took a whopping 10 years to detail literally every one of his dating mishaps to then reveal that "the mother" of HIMYM wasn't even alive.

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Well, there’s a new smuck in town that everyone can’t stand — or rather, she's been around for a few years but recently slipped back into the spotlight with the release of her second movie. She's actually a fictional character in a children's movie, yet older TikTok users seem to have strong opinions on her.

Meena from Sing is the Internet's latest punching bag. But why? Let's break down all the hate surrounding Meena.

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Who is Meena from 'Sing?'

Meena is a cartoon elephant who appeared in both Sing (2016) and Sing 2 (2021). She has light grey skin, green eyes, and two small brown pigtails on her head. She is voiced by singer Tori Kelly.

Meena's exact age is unknown; however, we know she's a teenager. Her outfit of choice is typically a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers.

She has a beautiful singing voice and loves to sing, but only when she's alone. Meena is very shy and has severe stage fright.

In fact, viewers see Meena grow nervous several times during Sing after attempting to perform in front of others. Often she'd cover her face with her ears — which for an elephant, is basically like hiding behind one's hair.

Meena eventually overcomes her stage fright and is able to showcase her talents in front of a large crowd. It's a trope that's been illustrated in several other movies, but for some reason, many users are not here for Meena's character at all.

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TikTok particuarly does not like how Meena acted in these two 'Sing' scenes.

Meena was first introduced to the world when the original Sing came out in Dec. 2016. At the time, she didn't appear to have any haters. However, when Sing 2 was released in Dec. 2021, people really began to attack her character. For the most part, they were very critical of how Meena acted in two particular scenes in Sing.

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People really seemed to be worked up over Meena's "Happy Birthday" song to her grandpa. In the scene, she belts the tune to her grandpa and then continues to keep singing after everyone else stops. "She was mad extra for singing 'Happy Birthday' like that," TikTok creator @randyfanboy wrote in a video he made which replayed the scene. "Like shut up, it's literally a birthday song," he added.

In the comments, users also roasted Meena. "She tryna get the will," one teased.

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Another TikTok creator who goes by the handle, @nina_the_pickme_elephant, shared a clip from the original title where Meena is "Hallelujah" singing alone on top of a mountain and is startled when she learns that Buster Moon, a male koala voiced by Matthew McConaughey, has been watching her the whole time.

Users howled in the comments claiming that she wasn't really shy and knew she was talented, and by choosing to perform on a mountain she was seeking attention. She was labeled as a "pick me."

Per Urban Dictionary, a "pick me girl" is a girl who craves male attention and tries to be "not like other girls" even though she really is.

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Both scenes from Sing are often referenced in many of the hate posts about her.

In another video, the creator calls Meena hurtful names and burns a collectible figurine of her.

While TikTok's Community Guidelines prohibit users from engaging in this type of hate-fueled activity in regards to other creators, it is unknown how and if the platform will handle an attack on a fictional character.

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