What Happened Between Jordan and Becky in 'Sweet Tooth'? The Reason He Turns on Her

When Jordan and Becky cross paths in Season 3, he no longer sees her as a friend, but rather as an enemy. Here's why.


Jun. 6 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Jordan and Becky walking to join the Last Men.
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of Sweet Tooth.

Jordan (played by George Ferrier) may not have the largest role in the Sweet Tooth series, but his character's transformation in Season 3 certainly leaves a lasting impression. Reflecting back on Season 2, we see Jordan and Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen), formerly known as Bear, joining the Last Men (as friends) for entirely different reasons. Jordan wants to protect what’s left of human civilization while Becky’s focus is solely on finding Gus. The problem is, Jordan isn’t aware of Becky’s intentions, or of her past.

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By Season 3, the Last Men are gone (those who were left were killed in battle with Gus (Christian Convery) and his clan) and Jordan is now working for Zhang (Rosalind Chao). And when he and Becky cross paths once again, Jordan no longer sees her as a friend, but rather as an enemy. So, why does Jordan turn on Becky in Season 3 of the Netflix hit? We’re breaking down their relationship.

What happened between Jordan and Becky in Sweet Tooth'? Here's why he turns against her.

Jordan and Becky wearing a Last Men uniform.
Source: Netflix

At the end of Season 2, Jordan discovers that Becky once led the Animal Army, the same army responsible for killing his father. While we don’t know for sure if it was Becky who committed the act as the army attacked collectively as a group, it’s certainly possible. And this is something Jordan never forgets.

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By the time the two catch up again in Season 3, Jordan is a devoted member of Zhang’s army and is willing to help her in any way he can to find Gus, even if that means stabbing Becky in the back. But we don’t realize this until after he pretends to help Becky escape from Zhang in order to find out where Gus is traveling to.

Jordan standing alongside Zhang after he pretends to help Becky escape.
Source: Netflix
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While Becky seems to struggle with the idea that Jordan is no longer the sweet boy who enjoys skipping rocks by the pond, we can’t overlook the fact that her former army is responsible for his father’s death. And I think we can all agree we’d be pretty pissed off if we were in his shoes.

Does Becky die in ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3?

'Sweet Tooth' Season 3 main cast standing in front of mountains.
Source: Netflix

Although Becky had several run-ins with death, she’s one of the few humans to survive. Her first brush with death comes after she stabs one of Rosie’s (played by Kelly Marie Tran) hybrid sons, to protect herself and Wendy, who later succumbs to his injuries. Unlike some who kept their hybrid children and treated them kindly, Rosie, in an effort to gain her mother’s approval, permits her mother to utilize her sons as hunting beasts.

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As Jordan explains to Becky, Zhang doesn't intend to kill her, so Rosie must refrain from seeking revenge by slicing her throat for the death of her son. He reveals that Zhang's goal, after finding the cure for The Sick, is to restart human birth, and Becky would only help her in her mission.

Although Zhang falls short of finding the cure, Gus succeeds just moments before Becky takes her last breath after contracting The Sick from within the cave. He not only saves the few remaining humans, but his efforts allow them the opportunity to live out their remaining years without the threat of the virus, until only hybrids are left.

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