Why Does Kim Kardashian Always Wear Gloves? 5 Fan Theories

Stephanie Harper - Author

Mar. 31 2022, Published 2:33 p.m. ET

Kim Kardashian is known for is starting trends and being the standard when it comes to fashion statements. Millions of people around the globe are obsessed with her style because she’s always taken her clothing so seriously. There’s no way Kim would have over 296 million followers on Instagram if she wasn’t inspiring the world with her clear-cut attention to detail in her outfits.

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Something a lot of people have noticed lately is that she’s been wearing gloves quite frequently when she goes out. Her fans have a few theories about why she’s been rocking gloves so often.

Theory 1: Kim's psoriasis has been flaring up due to recent stress.

It’s not a secret that Kim struggles with a skin condition called psoriasis. Psoriasis causes itchy, scaly, red-colored patches all over one’s skin. Psoriasis flare-ups can last for weeks or months, becoming more prominent during stressful situations.

Kim’s fans have noticed that she’s dealing with a lot of stress lately as she's handling her very public and messy divorce from Kanye West. Is it possible the gloves have been aiding her with hiding her psoriasis flare-ups?

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Theory 2: Kim Kardashian is hiding an engagement ring from Pete Davidson.

Is it possible Kim is engaged to her boyfriend, Pete Davidson? They started dating after she appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live in October 2021, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Pete already has a couple of tattoos dedicated to Kim on his body, which means he’s taking the relationship very seriously.

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Fans are speculating that Kim's gloves might be there to hide an engagement ring! It's important to note that she's posted several pictures on Instagram without any gloves on though –– and there still isn’t an engagement ring in sight. Since there hasn't been a ring sighting just yet, this theory might be a tad presumptuous.

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Theory 3: Kim Kardashian is making a social statement about gloves in regards to cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to take hygiene and cleanliness a lot more seriously. Tons of people trying to stay healthy from germs are relying on masks and gloves to stay safe. Some fans are theorizing that Kim's choice to wear gloves is a social statement in support of those who are trying to bring the pandemic to an end.

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Theory 4: Kim Kardashian is proving that she’s still the definition of a sex symbol regardless of modesty.

Kim Kardashian
Source: Getty Images

The world doesn’t have to see a single inch of Kim’s skin for her to still be considered one of the most drop-dead gorgeous sex symbols alive today. In fact, Kim proved that fact when she wore an all-black dress to the 2021 Met Gala. The gown even hid her face! Regardless of how modest Kim might dress, she’s still always going to be considered one of the most beautiful and sought-after women.

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Hiding her arms and hands with gloves might be Kim's way of proving her point. She can bare all, or she can totally cover up. Either way, she’s still going to be considered one of the most desirable women out there.

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Theory 5: Kim Kardashian is wearing gloves because she simply appreciates the aesthetic.

When it comes to Kim’s fashion choices, she’s only ever going to wear pieces of clothing that she fully approves of. That being said, it’s possible Kim is wearing gloves because she simply appreciates the aesthetic. Keep in mind that one of Kim’s major influences is Marilyn Monroe. Kim agreed to pose for Playboy Magazine in an earlier season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians after hearing about Marilyn's historical photoshoot with the outlet.

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Marilyn dressed in some of the most upscale and classy outfits over — and some of those outfits included gloves! Who could forget Marilyn’s performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," adorned in pink gloves and diamonds as she performed on stage?

Until Kim openly speaks out about her choice to wear gloves, these are some interesting theories to consider.

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