Parents Aren't So Happy 'American Horror Story' is on Disney Plus

'American Horror Story' is coming to everyone's favorite streaming platform — Disney Plus. But, what do fans think?

Alizabeth Swain - Author

Apr. 4 2024, Published 4:06 p.m. ET

Why is American Horror Story on Disney Plus?
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The hit horror anthology American Horror Story has long been the backbone of cult television, offering a spine-tingling, genre-defining experience that has captivated a dedicated fanbase. But in a surprising twist that would even give the AHS writing team a run for their money, the series can now be streamed on the family-favorite platform, Disney Plus.

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The shift from its traditional network home to a streaming service associated with merriment and countless childhood memories has left some scratching their heads, while others are ready to revisit this horror house under the new, ears-twitching arrangements. But, why is American Horror Story on Disney Plus?

American Horror Story's Disney expansion explained.

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Despite the jarring genres between the core Disney brand and the darker iterations like American Horror Story, the reason for this lineup inclusion can be traced back to Disney buying out Hulu. Disney's role in Hulu expanded significantly after it gained majority control by acquiring 21st Century Fox, further solidifying its influence. Disney acquired a 33% stake in Hulu from Comcast for at least $8.6 billion, thereby gaining full operational control of Hulu, per AP.

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In the wake of the acquisition, Disney began to consolidate its streaming services, offering a bundled package that included Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. In this brand alignment, American Horror Story, a show created by Fox and often available on Hulu, inevitably made its way to Disney Plus screens.

Fans react to the 'AHS'-Disney merge.

The recent migration of American Horror Story to Disney Plus sparked a range of reactions from the show's dedicated audience. This merge between what many consider the epitome of horror television and the quintessentially family-oriented Disney Plus platform has led to an interesting mix of surprise, humor, and curiosity among fans.

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A particularly notable reaction came from X user @MidwestBravoB, who shared "There is no reason that any of my Disney profiles need to be advertising things like American Horror Story. This is unacceptable. Even on the adult profile. It’s Disney for crying out loud!!"

Another X user shared, "Listen I understand Hulu and Disney Plus merged but maybe it's not the best idea to advertise American Horror Story on the front banner of Disney Plus just saying." From all of the commentary online, it seems most people are upset with Disney advertising American Horror Story on their platform for everyone in the family to see.

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Are 'American Horror Story' episodes available to every Disney Plus subscriber?

To access episodes of American Horror Story on Disney Plus, viewers must also have an active Hulu subscription, per CNET. Individuals who already possess a standalone Disney Plus subscription, whether ad-supported or ad-free, have the option to enhance their streaming portfolio by subscribing to Hulu separately or selecting from various bundled offerings.

However, it's important to note that while Disney Plus provides access to American Horror Story, new episodes from the latest season titled American Horror Story: Delicate become available for on-demand streaming the day after their live airing on Hulu, as detailed by Business Insider.

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